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Why Brands Need To Invest In TikTok Influencer Marketing?

by Victor

A social media marketing strategy that includes endorsements and product promotions from influencers is influencer marketing. TikTok influencer marketing has skyrocketed since its commencement. It expects to have tremendous growth in the upcoming years. As the influencers of TikTok have built great trust with the audience, the tiktok likes counter may show a high number of likes to the brands who partnered with influencers. In addition, as TikTok allows users to link their bios on youtube or Instagram, brands use this advantage to search and create TikTok influencer campaigns. 

There are numerous influencers on the app so that brands can choose the perfect partner for their campaign. Some influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok create challenges for the audience to promote the products. Many social media collaborators and influencers are participating in these challenges. Brands are quick enough to use the app and drive engagement with the audience. Chipotle, Calvin Klein and Guess are some common brands using TikTok for influencer marketing. 

Brands are using more TikTok strategies to acquire profitable results and ROI in today’s world. Let us see the beneficial reasons why brands should invest in TikTok marketing. Let’s get started!

Why Invest In TikTok Marketing? 

Higher Engagement

As TikTok has a broad audience base on social media, TikTok brand marketing creates brand and product awareness. It, in turn, increases audience engagement and helps in the eventual purchase of the product. As per research, TikTok makes people engage for more than 858 minutes per month. Here we show some tips to get on these engagements to your brand.

  • Research what content the audience would like to see in your business TikTok videos. 
  • Post shareable or re-purposeful content that eases the audience to do on TikTok.
  •  Add a call to action options like asking questions or feedback so that your viewers shall have a follow-up with your video.
  • TikTokers who use branded links have higher success rates.

User-Generated Content

TikTok is a platform for user-generated content. Keeping content created for your target audience, brands may create a persona of being authentic and trustworthy. About 64% of youngsters recommend a branded product or service on social media once a month. So it confirms a more significant part of it includes TikTok marketing. Brands can run social media contests on TikTok, get to know the counts using the tiktok views counter, and find who likes your brand. People who want your brand will also tag you to get their content featured on your brand’s profile. 

Creative Content Creation

As per statistics, users love TikTok as it is a short 15 seconds video. It is quick and has easy to use format that builds brand voice. Brands can cover the younger audience by posting funny memes and jingles on their product launch. You can reform it according to your style with your brainstorming ideas, even with existing content. Creative content always results in a higher number of viewers and engagement. Brands aiming to attract new customers and who need to have better recognition can opt for TikTok marketing. 

Millennials And Generation Z

As of now, TikTok is popular among young people between 16 to 24 years. Therefore, TikTok is the best choice if your brand promotes millennial products. For instance, a TikTok advertisement of a lip balm brand with the hashtags #ViralTimeZone and #MakeItAwesome received 4 billion views in its first campaign video. It proves how TikTok makes a brand famous.

Tips On TikTok Influencer Marketing Strategies

  • As engagement is the vital key to the success of brand marketing campaigns, brands should consider conducting hashtags challenges and contests which encourage video submissions from the audience. 
  • Brands should partner with well-curated content creators on TikTok for the best results through influencer marketing. Trusted collaborators and influencers with high followers may help the brand reach potential customers. 
  • Brands can add their shopping website links on TikTok to drive more purchases. The brand can tell TikTok influencers to include their website URL in their videos. 
  • TikTok marketing allows brands to advertise through paid ads. TikTok ads stand out from the other social media ads. It creates an entertaining visual campaign collaborating with brand-sponsored ads. 

How Do You Choose The Right Influencer For Brands?

  • For brands, the audience is your priority. Spend time scrolling on TikTok and look for your target audience. Check on the type of influencers your target audience follows. With the help of tiktokcounter, check the statistics of the Influencer. 
  • Have a clear campaign goal. If not, it isn’t easy to get the right Influencer for your business. 
  • The sales funnel another vital factor that impacts the kind of Influencer you choose for your brand. Also, determine your budget before selecting the Influencer.


This article widens your knowledge and ways to get through the TikTok influencer marketing. With the above points in mind, you can search right influencers and boost your brand with exciting marketing strategies. As TikTok serves as an all-in-one solution for marketing, brands shall always top with the trends!

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