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Why Choose BAI-OTT Impact Bed

by Victor

BAI-OTT is a professional manufacturer of buffer bed and buffer strip, and faces many customer inquiries every day. Some of BAI-OTT’s customers are dealers and suppliers. They contact the buffer strip for the first time, and have not much concept about the quality of the buffer strip, the working conditions of the place where it is used and the impact on the use effect of the buffer bed, They are not very clear about the impact of being the core component of the buffer bed on its use effect. Therefore, it is necessary for BAI-OTT to conduct in-depth analysis and Analysis on the impact of the buffer strip on the buffer bed, so that the majority of customers can better understand it.

Before analyzing the buffer strip, first introduce the German and German industry, as well as the concept and service of BAI-OTT rubber company. The German nation and German industry are an awesome thing for the world. In the process of long-term contact and exchanges between Germans, we will be shocked, because things they do is what few domestic enterprises can do. In Germany, there are relatively few large enterprises. Their industrial owners are composed of many small and medium-sized enterprises, and each of them only makes some very simple products, In a stapler manufacturer we contacted, their family of four generations only produces a seem type stapler, and they are still making continuous research and analysis to strive for better and more durable products. Germany is composed of these manufacturers who focus on one product and make it exquisite. They also cast German international quality, which is German, German Industry. They have produced products that no country in the world can produce, which also makes German products have high added value, making them spend more money on innovation, R & D and production of better products and services.

They have a strong sense of industry protection, respect science and knowledge, and their competition in German industry is benign. It will never lower the quality and requirements of its products because of the pressure of competition. This is German industry and German corporate culture. BAI-OTT has cooperated with well-known German enterprises for a long time and is deeply influenced by German industrial culture. BAI-OTT is committed to focusing on its own products. BAI-OTT advocates step by step to do a good job of its products.

BAI-OTT will not decrease the products’ quality and services for short term interests,because it believe that a good quality of the products could win the market.

BAI-OTT has also made continuous efforts to influence every business partner who contacts and cooperates with us with its own ideas and culture, so that they can also consider problems from the perspective of customers and truly solve problems for customers, instead of immediate interests, but for the sake of customers in the long run. Among the dealers and traders we cooperate with, they always feel that price is their biggest problem. Only price can gain competitive advantage, but they forget that there are many factors affecting the price of buffer strips according to the needs of customers, and for some buffer strip manufacturers with poor quality. The buffer strip is mainly composed of three parts: wear-resistant layer, high elastic rubber and steel structure. At present, they are strongly bonded through thermal vulcanization technology, and the price and quality of the buffer strip are affected by the following factors:

Bonding technology

Market: there are many buffer strip manufacturers in China whose prices are very low, mainly because they do not have advanced hot vulcanization bonding technology. They ensure the bonding strength through high-temperature and high-pressure vulcanization. They often go through some unqualified cold vulcanization bonding processes.

Consequences: due to low strength bonding and short service life, the adhesive between wear-resistant layer and rubber is opened, which affects the normal use of belt conveyor, increases the replacement cycle, and causes great maintenance cost and potential safety hazards; Baiott adopts German hot vulcanization bonding process to ensure its bonding strength;

Wear resistant layer

(1) Material selection problem

Market: in terms of wear-resistant selection, the Germans have also experienced many times, including polyurethane, PU and ceramics, but their performance is poor. Finally, they chose ultra-high molecular weight plate, and the wear-resistant layer selected by some buffer strip manufacturers in order to reduce costs is high-density polyethylene;

Consequences: due to improper selection or poor quality of the wear-resistant layer, the surface of the buffer strip is very wear-resistant. At that time, the wear of the conveyor belt was increased and the service life of the conveyor belt was reduced. Some manufacturers also used other materials to increase their bonding strength because they did not have advanced hot vulcanization bonding process, but ignored the protection of the conveyor system; Baiott selection: baiott selects ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet with molecular weight of no less than 5 million (which can be tested and certified by the third party)

(2) Super elevation slab selection

Market: many buffer strip suppliers will not consider problems from the perspective of customers’ use, and will not adopt unified design and thickness according to customers’ actual needs and working conditions and use environment;

Consequences: the selected buffer strip can not meet the actual use requirements of customers, resulting in rapid wear of the buffer strip, frequent replacement of the buffer strip, and increasing the use and maintenance costs of customers;

Baiott selection: baiott rubber has German experience in the design and use of buffer bed, and can conduct special design and selection according to the actual operating conditions and environment of customers. Baiott has established a database to reserve design schemes of various impact forces through mechanical analysis;

High elastic rubber

Market: In order to reduce their production costs and provide price advantages, many domestic buffer strip manufacturers often choose relatively low-quality over vulcanized tread rubber and recycled rubber with poor quality, which are only thousands of yuan per ton in the market to replace natural rubber with good quality

Consequences: the rubber has poor elasticity, and some of its hardness even reaches shore 75-80 °. Some rubbers are aging rapidly under the conditions, and have poor impact resistance. They are smashed in a short time, and the buffer strip has no effective cushioning effect at all;

Baiott rubber: baiott always insists on making high-quality products, one step at a time, and selects high-quality natural rubber (the current market price is about 31000 tons), high elasticity and impact resistant rubber. The buffer strips of some manufacturers can be used for half a year, and the buffer strips of baiott can reach 1-2 years (depending on the working conditions);

Connection structure

Market: customers using the buffer bed have gradually realized that the flat mouth aluminum alloy bolt of the buffer strip is easy to cause the problem of strip channeling and increase their maintenance cost. However, some manufacturers choose the aluminum alloy structure because of its replacement cost, and they have not clearly told the customers that the use of aluminum alloy structure is prohibited by the state, and did not tell customers about the new design structure in the market;

Consequences: the maintenance cost of the user unit is caused due to the channeling of bars, which partially causes certain potential safety hazards;

Selection of Baiott: Baiott has made continuous adjustments with the development of international trends. Baiott now mainly adopts galvanized steel structure connection, and each buffer strip is equipped with 4 anti loosening self-locking bolts to ensure the quality of the buffer strip.

Affect the price of flame retardant buffer strip

Market: many buffer strip manufacturers often have an irresponsible attitude towards customers. Customers must have flame retardant and anti-static requirements for underground use. In order to reduce costs and obtain short-term benefits, they choose some ordinary buffer strips for underground use, which causes great potential safety hazards for customers;

Consequences: the irresponsible attitude and awareness towards customers have caused great potential safety hazards for customers;

Baiott chooses the only buffer strip R & D and inspection laboratory in China. Baiott rubber can provide the third-party inspection of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of coal mine support equipment, while the factory control is more strict. Each batch, incoming materials and finished products are subject to strict inspection. Customers can determine by “simple inspection” and taking the third-party inspection, It ensures flame retardant and anti-static properties;

Executive standard

Market: Many manufacturers simply imitate the production of buffer strips from the appearance, and there are no testing standards for raw materials and properties for reference or implementation, resulting in poor product quality;

Consequences: Both dealers and end-users have caused certain potential safety hazards, which greatly increased the cost of customers (for end customers, it may cause the risk of shutdown or belt tearing, and for dealers, it may lose the trust and cooperation with end customers in the future);

Baiott selection: Baiott buffer strips are mainly supplied to Germany, and some buffer strips are also exported to Europe, which are strictly higher than European standards. At the same time, the factory has a strict production monitoring system to ensure that each batch of buffer strips meet the export requirements;

Why Choose BAI-OTT Impact Bed

Insufficient awareness of buffer strip quality

Market: Many dealers and traders only blindly reduce their own costs without paying attention to quality and quality, which often leads to the following consequences: the buffer bed does not play a good buffer role, but still increases the maintenance cost of their conveyor belt, but will increase other maintenance costs of customers;

Baiott choice: baiott rubber always insists that quality is the fundamental demand of customers, adheres to its own ideas and standards, step by step, provides customers with the products they really need, and considers problems from the perspective of customers from the long-term perspective. Baiott is a scientific research rubber enterprise, and baiott is willing to solve problems.

Baiott not only provides conceptual products related to buffer bed and buffer strip, but also has professional buffer bed design and analysis engineers, professional design mechanics application software, professional industrial rubber and buffer strip R & D engineers, professional buffer strip R & D and inspection laboratory, factory production automation and European production and processing management mode, Baiaott is committed to ensuring the quality of our products from every detail.

Baiott takes certain protective measures for dealers and traders in the region to protect their interests, recommend excellent partners for end customers for their reference and choice, and provide them with first-class service and security.

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