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Why do so many people cross the border at Tijuana

by Tehseen Khan

Tijuana Mexico is the most popular places in the US for dental and medical touism.  The dentists in Tijuana have modern, state of the are facilities, the most up to date training in tecniques for dental implants in Mexico. In fact, because of regulations and limitations in the US, many American dentists actually come to Tijuana to train for dental implant placements.  Some of the very best implant specialists and dental educators are working out of Tijuana, Mexico.  The dentists here also have a lot of experience, since the population on the California side of the border, between Los Angeles and San Diego exceeds 30 million people. So there are many candidates for economical dental treatmenst, often costing just a third or less of what is charged in the US.  It is easy to travel to Tijuana, since it borders with San Diego, CA. 

The denetal clinics in Tijuana, are mostly located in one of the safest parts of the city, the Zona Rio. It is both modern, picturesque, full of hotels, hospitals, as well as many fine dining establishments, as well as the traditional street vender “tacos”.  The Zona Rio is close to the border as well, so that when patients come to get dental work, the clinics will usually supply a freee shuttle to pick them up. For those who drive across, thclinics can usually supply a pass to go back across the border in the mediacl “fast lane”. For those who walk across the border there are a couple of options, like the Ticketon, and Mexicoach busses who will help you skip the line, by taking you all the way up to the side “bus entrance” into US Immigration, and that can save you a lot of time. The patient coodinators know how to best advise you how to navigate the birder crossing 

One extra nice thing about travel to Tijuana, is that there are many colorful sites to see. In the old downtown “Revolution” sector, are the many shops full of handicrafts and trickets.  There are also street festivals on the weekends.  In the CECUT building. close to Plaza Rio, there are often fine arts festival, and a nice museum to visit.  If a person is coming for a few days, there are bus tours that will take you to the famous ” (wine country)  “Ruta de Vino” in the Valle de Guadelupe. The coast here is magnificent, and a nice place to take a little dental vacation.  

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