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Why You Shouldn’t Send Packages to England with Poczta Polska?

by Victor

Have you ever wondered why sending a package from Poland to England can turn into a real challenge? We’re talking about high costs, long waiting times for delivery, and procedural complexities that can give you a headache. Let’s take a closer look at the alternatives available in the market, especially the services provided by M3 Transport, which can save you time and money by ensuring fast and economical shipping.

Why Poczta Polska Isn’t the Best Choice for Shipping?

Despite the availability of faster and cheaper alternatives, many still opt to send packages to England via Poczta Polska. A waiting period of 7-9 business days and high costs are the main arguments for seeking other solutions.

M3 Transport as an Effective Alternative

M3 Transport offers package shipping services to England that are not only faster but also cheaper compared to the traditional Poczta Polska. A package up to 30 kg costs only 185 PLN, with delivery times shortened to 3-5 business days.

The Advantage of Weight and Price

Choosing M3 Transport, you get the opportunity to send a package weighing up to 30 kg for less than the price of sending 20 kg via Poczta Polska. This represents significant savings, both financially and logistically.

Customs Clearance Without Hassle

With M3 Transport, the customs clearance process becomes simpler. Filling out a customs declaration takes just a few minutes, which is much easier than the complicated procedures you might encounter when using Poczta Polska services.

How to Avoid Additional Customs Charges?

It’s crucial that the declared value of the package does not exceed 45 EUR to avoid extra charges. M3 Transport offers advice in this area, helping to avoid unnecessary costs.

The Cheapest Options for Sending Packages to England

Upon market analysis, M3 Transport emerges as one of the most competitive options, offering package shipping to England at a lower price than the competition while maintaining high-quality services.

What Can’t Be Included in the Package?

It’s also important to pay attention to restrictions regarding package contents. Information on this topic is clearly presented by M3 Transport, helping to avoid problems during customs clearance.

Packing the Package – Tips

Proper packaging is key to the safety of the shipment. The company provides practical tips on how to best prepare a package for shipping, maximizing the chances of its undamaged arrival.


Choosing M3 Transport, customers not only receive a more cost-effective offer but also a guarantee of faster delivery and support in customs-related matters. This makes it a far more attractive option than using the services of Poczta Polska.

We encourage you to consider the above arguments for your next package shipment to England. Is it worth sticking to old methods when better solutions are available on the market? The choice is yours!

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