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by Victor piso wifi pause is one of the Philippines’ most dependable internet connection providers (ISP). Your device may be connected to the Piso WiFi WiFi hotspot thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

It was created to satisfy the requirements of travelers who wish to share their access to the web with other hotel guests so they may use the internet while on vacation or just for fun.

How Can I Access To Piso Wifi At

How Can I Access To Piso Wifi At

Before beginning, ensure you’re in Piso’s Wifi network and have enough coins to cover internet access. Here’s what you must do:

Ensure that your gadget is connected to Wi-Fi and turn it on. Locate the Piso WiFi network and choose it. Launch your device’s web browser and enter into the address box.

The admin password will be required. If you are a user, you may enter the amount needed to connect by clicking “user” on the “user” page. You’ll see five. After connected, select “Pause Time” from the menu on the Piso Wifi login screen. 

You can pause the countdown and  add funds to your account if you want to extend the time you are connected. To accomplish this, open your web browser and type before pressing “Enter.”

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Piso WiFi Pause

Advantages of Piso WiFi Pause

1. Managed Network Traffic

Owners may properly manage network traffic and guarantee that everyone has an equal opportunity to use the network by turning on the pause feature on the Piso WiFi network.

2. Promotes Turnover

Users who utilize the pause feature may become more conscientious about their consumption before disconnecting. This may lead to turnover and provide free network bandwidth to new clients.

3. Reduces network traffic congestion

The piso wifi pause function will assist in preventing network congestion, particularly during times when the network is most likely to see heavy traffic.

4. Flexible

The owner can design criteria for the duration and frequency of user suspensions using the pause function, which allows for customization.

Disadvantages of Piso WiFi Pause:

1. Customer Unhappiness

Users could get offended or disappointed if their connection is turned off suddenly and without warning. This can lead to unfavorable reviews or a drop in sales.

2. Not always successful

When too many individuals are attempting to connect at once, the pause feature may not be useful in preventing network congestion.

3. Technical Issues

Technical knowledge may be necessary for the implementation of the pause feature, and router owners may experience difficulties configuring the router’s user interface.

4. Complexity

A Piso internet connection can be difficult to manage, and its owners may need to spend time and money updating and maintaining the network.

Enabling the Piso WiFi Pause Time in 3 Simple Steps

Enabling the Piso WiFi Pause Time in 3 Simple Steps
  • Access the Piso WiFi Admin Panel

To activate the piso wifi pause time machine feature, you must connect to the Piso WiFi administrator panel by using an IP address.

Connect your laptop or computer using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi with the Piso WiFi router. Use a web browser to input into the address field. This will bring you directly to the WiFi Piso administration panel.

  • Access the Admin Panel

You must sign in using your administrator credentials once you are on your admin page. Use these details to log in if you haven’t changed your default username or password

  • Visit the Configuration Page in Step 3

Users will see the Piso WiFi dashboard after they have logged in. To access the configuration page, select the configuration tab.

  • Turn On the Pause Time Feature

You may choose from a number of settings that are connected to the person’s WiFi configuration on the configuration page. Locate the Pause Time option and tick the box to make it active.

  • Set the Pause Time Duration

Once you’ve enabled this Pause Time feature, you have to decide when customers can stop the internet service. You can set the time in hours or minutes. Pick the duration that is suitable for your business’s model.

  • Save the Settings

After you have set the duration, hit “Save” to record the duration settings. This will activate you to use the Pause Time feature in your Piso WiFi device.

  • Test the Pause Time Feature

If you want to test this Pause Time feature, you can sign up for an existing customer account or set up an account to test the quality. Log into the history of the customer and locate the Pause Time button.

Connection Problems with

Let’s look into the problems that prevent you from connecting to piso wifi pause.

Device Gateway not responding

Wirelessly connecting to a router network with the IP address is not possible for the devices. You may change the settings on your device with some routers. You must connect the router to the computer using an Ethernet connection in order to accomplish this.

Unreliable Client Address

As we have already explained The IP number for each IPV4 address is four digits long and cannot be larger or less than the number, as was previously explained and specified. Even if you are aware of this, you can still enter as the erroneous IP address.

IP Addresses

As mentioned earlier as we have discussed earlier, as we have discussed earlier, the IP number for IPv4 addresses is 4 digits. It is not more than or less than that. While being aware of this fact, one could type the wrong number of IP addresses

No Such User or Password

All routers are secured by a specific login and password combination. You must adjust the router’s settings in accordance with your preferences to avoid the issues that might arise if hackers get access to your WiFi connection. So, check the router’s back for the right username and password.


In the end, this IP address piso wifi pause is frequently utilized for the gateway default or the management IP address on Piso Wi-Fi devices. It gives users access to system configuration and settings. Administrators can pause or deactivate the Wi-Fi connection for a Piso WiFi system when they access this IP address via an internet browser.

This can be helpful in many scenarios, including restricting access during certain hours or fixing problems with the network. It is essential to read the system’s documentation or call the company for more specific guidelines for accessing and managing your Piso Wi-Fi network through the IP address

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Restart The Paused Wifi Connection On A Piso Wifi System By Using An IP Address

 You can continue the suspended Wi-Fi connection on a Piso Wi-Fi network by using this IP address Follow the procedure previously mentioned; however, instead of stopping or disabling the Wi-Fi connection, look for an option to restart or activate it.

What Can I Do If I Cannot Connect To An IP Number On My Piso Wi-Fi Device?

If you’re inaccessible to an internet number that is assigned to your Piso Wi-Fi device, be sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network of Piso.

What’s The Function Of An IP Address In The Piso Wi-Fi Network?

A is the IP address that it is typically utilized as the primary gateway or management IP for Piso WiFi systems. Administrators can access the settings and configuration of the system.

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