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10 Common Mistakes When Making Letterhead Examples

by Victor

When starting out with a new business venture, there is much to consider. One of the most important aspects that may be overlooked deals with letterheads. If you’re not careful and don’t keep these mistakes in mind when making your letterhead examples, you may end up using one that doesn’t present your business in the best light possible. Read on to learn about 10 common mistakes many people make when they are making a letterhead.

1) Not Checking for Errors

Even if you are not great with computers, there are plenty of programs out there that allow you to type up your letterhead template and make sure it contains no typing errors or graphic design flaws. You do not want misspelled words or jumbled sentences staring back at you when you open up your letterhead. It’s best to use a program that will check for these types of errors and prevent them from happening in the first place.

2) Using Bad Grammar and Writing Style

If you are using letterhead, it is assumed that people will read what you have written. You can present yourself in the best light if you take the time to proofread your business letterhead at least one time before it is printed. Since people may assume that their letters are professional, it is important to indicate this through your grammar and writing style of choice.

3) Failing to Include an Attention-Grabbing Design

As with any letter, it is important to include an attention-grabbing design. This can be in the form of a description of what you are offering or something that gives your target audience a hint as to who your business is. If you don’t grab their attention right away, they may skip over your letter and never realize that you offer what they are looking for. You can use a letter head maker to help you in creating a compelling letterhead design.


4) Being Too Wordy In Your Letter Heading

When writing a letter, it is important to keep your message brief and easily understandable. If you write too much text in your letter, the receiver may get overwhelmed and never take in the information that you have written down. The best practice is to include a clear message and keep the sentence structure simple.

5) Choosing a Letterhead That Is Too Plain

While you don’t want to make a letterhead that is too busy or flashy, you do want it to stand out from your competition. You can accomplish this by your choice of fonts, imagery, and color scheme. By making a letterhead that is too plain, you run the risk of having your target audience overlook it and pick one that is more eye-catching.

6) Using a Letterhead That Is Too Busy

While you don’t want to use a letterhead that is dull or unappealing, you do not want one that looks cluttered either. If you use too many different colors, fonts, and images in one letter, your audience may feel distracted by the image. This can cause them to not take in any of the information that you have written down.


7) Choosing a Letterhead That Is Too Large

While it is important to make sure your letter is readable, you may not want to make the whole thing a big block of text. You can avoid this by picking a letterhead that is large enough for people to read but small enough where they feel compelled to do so. Make sure it is no bigger than necessary and allows for an easy reading experience.

8) Placing Too Much Emphasis on Your Logo

If the whole point of your company letterhead is to create a logo for your business, be sure not to make it too large. By making the logo too big and bold, you run the risk of having your audience ignore everything else that is written down in your letter. One way to avoid this mistake is by creating a bright color scheme and keeping your text simple.

9) Incorrectly Positioning Your Company Name and Address

If you want your target audience to take you seriously, your company name and address must be easy to find on the letterhead. You can do this by making sure they are displayed in a way that brings attention to them and encourages people to continue reading.

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10) Using a Letterhead That Is Questionable Quality

If you don’t use high-quality paper and ink to print your letterhead, your audience may feel that they can’t trust the information that is written down on it. You should take the time and money necessary to order a good paper and ink that will last through frequent handling.


What is a letterhead? It should best represent your company and your values. By taking time to avoid these common mistakes, you can write a letterhead sample that brings attention to your business and allows people to trust the information on it. By following this advice, you can ensure your audience takes in the message of your letter and not just the design of it. You can create a letterhead that stands out from the competition and increases your credibility as a business owner.

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