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Serhiy Tokarev: Ukrainians Can Participate in School of Generative AI

by Victor

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the largest AI community in Ukraine, AI HOUSE, is teaming up with the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) to introduce the School of Generative Artificial Intelligence. The announcement, shared on Facebook by the renowned IT entrepreneur and investor, Serhiy Tokarev, marks a significant step in the integration of practical experience with academic expertise in the field of machine learning.

Pioneering the Future of AI Education

Serhiy Tokarev, co-founder and partner of the Roosh investment group, has played a pivotal role in establishing AI HOUSE as a hub for AI and ML professionals. For the past two years, the organization has been dedicated to fostering a community that not only unites existing specialists but also nurtures the growth of new professionals in the AI/ML domain. Tokarev expressed the belief that collaboration with educational institutions and the expertise of professionals from various tech companies will accelerate the development of AI.

The School of Generative Artificial Intelligence, scheduled from March 11 to 16 in Lviv, Ukraine, is tailored for ML specialists with a minimum of one year of practical experience. Participants are expected to possess a strong foundation in linear algebra, probability theory, and statistics. The program promises an immersive exploration of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Audio, with a unique focus on hands-on experience.

Industry Experts Leading the Way

Distinguished lecturers from top technological companies will guide participants through the intensive curriculum. These experts include Vladyslava Tyshchenko, Nazar Perepichka, Nazarii Drushchak, Serhii Yavnyi, and many others. Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes that the program aims not only to impart knowledge through lectures but also to provide participants with the opportunity to apply their learnings in a two-day hackathon, crafting solutions based on Generative AI.

Upon successful completion of the Generative AI Spring School, participants in the offline course will receive a certificate. However, with limited slots available, interested individuals must complete a registration form and contribute to scholarship funds dedicated to the fallen Heroes from the UCU community.

AI HOUSE and UCU: Powerhouses of AI Education

AI HOUSE, a non-profit organization within the Roosh ecosystem, envisions building the largest and most powerful AI community in Ukraine. With a focus on fostering new AI startups and advancing the AI field, AI HOUSE aligns with Serhiy Tokarev’s commitment to driving technological sector growth.

UCU’s Faculty of Applied Sciences, recognized as the best in Ukraine by Forbes and DOU publications, actively collaborates with global laboratories and universities. As a participant in ELLIS, the pan-European network of scientific centers in information technologies, UCU contributes significantly to the global advancement of AI research and education.

In summary, Serhiy Tokarev’s announcement of the School of Generative Artificial Intelligence represents a pivotal moment for AI education in Ukraine. By bringing together practical experience, expert insights, and academic rigor, this initiative promises to shape the future of AI professionals and contribute to the continued growth of the country’s technological sector.

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