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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand

by Victor

Every company owner on the planet wants to grow their brand. This is something that shareholders and investors want, too. Fortunately, turning your dream into a reality by becoming a big brand is possible. But how? Through digital marketing.

Digital marketing comes with a host of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Global reach
  • Revenue boosts
  • Increased customer engagement

This is barely touching the surface, though, as there are lots of other benefits that come with digital marketing.

Now, it’s time to quickly run through five digital marketing tips that will help you to turn your small brand into a big brand.

1.   Outsource Your Digital Marketing – It Works!

Before anything else, have you thought about outsourcing your digital marketing?

This is becoming an increasingly common practice in the business world. For example, 34% of small businesses outsource their digital marketing. When you put this into context, it’s a huge statistic, as many small businesses are on tight budgets yet still see the importance of digital marketing.

For your company, the best option is to outsource to a specialist company that can provide you with digital marketing solutions. Quickly, you’ll start to see the positive impacts of this throughout your business, from increased exposure to a stronger online presence.

2.   Register Your Business on Google

This is something that anyone can do – even non-tech-savvy business owners.

Becoming an official business on Google adds credibility to your brand name. Not to mention, it also allows you to appear on Google Maps, which automatically makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer.

3.   Start Posting on Social Media

Are your business’s social media pages inactive and empty? If so, it’s time to make some changes!

By regularly posting to social media sites, you can grow your audience and boost your sales. 

What Percentage of Business Sales Come Through Social Media?

Here’s a crazy statistic: more than 50% of total revenue across 14 industries is generated through social media (LinkedIn). This draws attention to how powerful social media has become for businesses around the world.

4.   Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

The majority of your customers will be visiting your website using their smartphones. Therefore, it’s essential that you have a mobile-friendly website with an excellent UI (user interface). The better the UI, the more pleasurable the browsing experience is. Usually, most companies will hire a web designer to help enhance their existing site and make it mobile-friendly for customers.

5.   Prioritize Email and SMS Communications

When a brand reaches new heights, it’s usually because they have high engagement levels from its customers.

These days, a large portion of customer engagement comes via email and SMS. For instance, it’s extremely common for businesses to email and text their customers with links to sign up for giveaways and other competitions. Naturally, customers feel incentivized by this and therefore engage with the brand. It’s a simple concept yet incredibly effective, which is why so many brands do it.

With these five tips, you should be able to turn your small business into a big brand.

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