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Xresolver: Xbox and PlayStation Resolver (Updated 2023)

by Marketgit Team

It is a bit difficult to protect the long username and Gamer tags so to overcome this situation and to make it in the short IP addresses of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation the xResolver is the best place where you can do so. A great benefit for a gamer is that it generates a unique IP address that is easy to memorize.

In this guide, I am going to show you how it works and what are the features.

What is xResolver?

Xresolver is a web-based platform that converts Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamertags and usernames into simple and short IP addresses.

Actually, the usernames are easy to track and it increased the possibility to be hacked by some bad guys. So the only solution is to change the usernames and Gamertags in to some unique form that should be difficult to track.

So it finds the best way to protect the privacy and data of the user from the hackers.

How to use the Xresolver?

There is no rocket science to use. The experts developed and designed it in a way so that it is easy to use even for a beginner. But if you don’t know how to use it then read the steps below:

  • Go with the official homepage “https://xresolver.com/”
  • At the left sidebar choose either Xbox Resolver or PlayStation
  • Simply enter your “Xbox Gamer tag” to generate a unique IP address or “IP address” to revert into the Xbox gamer tag
  • Press the “Resolve” button and you have done!
How to use the Xresolver

The process to generate a PlayStation username into a unique IP address and vice versa is the same as above for Xbox Gamertag.  

How to Blacklist and Remove Myself?

Well, if you have changed your mind and want to remove yourself from the server then don’t worry you can remove or hide in a smooth way. Once you blacklist yourself on it then no one can track or hack you because your IP and usernames will be erased from xresolver database server.

To protect your privacy on the Microsoft and Sony’s services just check out some essential steps below to blacklist or hide IP:

  • Use an authentic VPN to hide your IP address. The VPN will change your current activity to some other geographical location
  • Keep in touch with your ISP to change your IP address
  • Avoid joining random parties and don’t trust anyone on random people because they will try to divert you to take advantages
  • Never share your personal information like IP address, Games tags, or Usernames with anyone

Registration process to unlock full access?

To get full control, read the steps below:

  • Visit the official website “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Click the “Register” button on the top-right corner of the homepage
  • Enter the Username, Email address, and Password,
  • Retype your password to confirm the password and press the Register button
Registration process to unlock full access on Xresolver?

If you are registered on the server already then simply click login then enter your username and password.

About Xresolver

xResolver website was created in 2017 that works for 2 various names, “Xbox” and “PlayStation.” It has not only the ability to change the Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer tags rather it has also other features such as IP Logger, PSN Username, IP Storage, IP checker, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scan.

According to the latest data collection, it has:

  • Registered Users: 241,586
  • Live Users: 1,168
  • Database Count: 24,735,431.

DisclaimerThis content is purely for educational purposes.


Is Xresolver Illegal?

Your IP address can be tracked by some technical hacking tools but xResolver hides your IP address from the attackers. So in this regard, it is the only way to protect your involvement on the internet for the sake of the game.

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