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6 Effective Ways To Declutter Your Home

by Marketgit Team

A space that looks and feels overwhelming can potentially increase stress levels, negatively affect productivity, and make it more challenging for you to handle household tasks. In addition, you have to keep in mind that regardless of how organized and clean your family may be, you’re still likely to accumulate stuff over time. Therefore, you have to take the time and put in the work to transform your home into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Decluttering your space can be an excellent way to increase happiness and improve your family’s overall health and well-being. This practice is especially helpful if you have kids or live in high-traffic areas. After all, a decluttered home can open up your home to better airflow.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of a clean house, this article will take you through some of the best tips for successfully decluttering your home.


1. Gather All The Necessary Cleaning Equipment

Housekeeping equipment can effectively restore the surface appearance of upholstery, carpets, and curtains. These cleaning tools include brooms, floor machines, mops, vacuums, and many more. To successfully clean your home, you need to prepare your cleaning equipment and make sure they’re in good condition.

However, if you’re a busy individual, you may not have enough time to purchase these critical tools or quickly declutter your space. Since general house cleaning requires significant time and effort, consider asking your family and friends to help you. You may also consider specialized services such as same-day rubbish removal offered by professional waste disposal service providers.

2. Capture Before And After Images Of Your Decluttering Activity

As a homeowner, you’ll want to see the difference you’ll make with your decluttering project. With that, try taking before-and-after photos so you can better appreciate the changes you’ll make to your home.

To make this happen, choose one part of your house and take a photo of a particular area. Remove unnecessary items in the area and take an ‘after’ picture. After seeing what the specific area could look like, decluttering your entire house will become more motivating.

Capture Before And After Images Of Your Decluttering Activity

3. Sort Your Clutter

To make the decluttering process faster, you’ll need to gather at least five average-sized storage containers to categorize your clutter. That said, you must go through each room in your house to set up a system for sorting the items you can find. Using the Five-Box Method allows you to quickly decide on each item to help you prevent making a bigger mess.

To effectively sort your clutter, here’s your guide if you want to follow the Five-Box Method:

  1. Rubbish: Items in the rubbish section are non-recyclable, such as plastic grocery bags, plastic-coated material, Styrofoam, sharp objects, and food-soiled boxes.
  2. Needs Repairing: This section includes items that you may still need but require further fixings, such as bags, shoes, and old umbrellas with minor damage.
  3. Recycling Bin: Home items in this section are recyclable, such as empty ice cream containers, roll-on deodorant bottles, and clear plastic lids.
  4. Donations: This section includes items you no longer need and can be used by another person.
  5. To Be Thrown Away: These items no longer belong in your living space and need to go to the trash bin. These belongings may include items that are too damaged to salvage.

After classifying your clutter, you can now put back the items that don’t belong to these containers. After cleaning those items, the items you consider essential can now take their rightful space in your room. Undoubtedly, sorting your clutter is an excellent way to organize your belongings and will help you quickly decide which items to remove and which ones to keep.

4. Transform The Space Under The Stairs

If you have enough space under your staircase, you may want to consider using a little creativity to transform that area. By doing so, you can utilize as much of the available space you have at home, providing you with additional storage areas. That said, here are ways to convert this area to help you in decluttering your home:

  • Install a few bookshelves.
  • Turn the space into a children’s playroom.
  • Design a reading nook.
  • Develop a charging station.
  • Create a pantry.
  • Expand kitchen equipment storage.
  • Turn the area into a wine room.
  • Add a powder bathroom.

5. Keep The Bathroom Clutter-Free

Typically, average-sized bathrooms only take between 20 to 60 minutes to declutter. To get the process started, take a thorough look at your bathroom shelves, window sill, and shower basin. Then, remove any empty product you haven’t used for months. By following this technique, you’ll learn the importance of not purchasing any unnecessary items, which will discourage you from hoarding more items that will only contribute to the clutter in your home. 

6. Adopt A Paperless Lifestyle

With the recent technological developments, organizations don’t require their employees to print out documents anymore. So, if you work at home and regularly keep your files in your home office, you can go paperless. As you make this transition, you can review your printed documents and sort out any documents you don’t need anymore.

Shred those old documents and put the things you’ll still need inside an organizer. If possible, you can take photos of these files and store them on secure platforms. By doing so, you can still restore your documents without keeping hard copies.

Key Takeaway

Home decluttering is a crucial process that will allow you to access your belongings efficiently. So, to successfully declutter your house, consider going paperless, removing empty bathroom products, and sorting your clutter using tried-and-tested organization techniques.

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