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5 TikTok Marketing Trends To Practice Now

by Uneeb Khan

During the last few years, TikTok exploded with its popularity and reach. Hence, the pandemic lockdowns helped businesses and brands engage in 2020 and 2021. Right now, TikTok has got more than one billion monthly active users. In June 2021, the platform reached three billion downloads. Also, ranking the seventh-most downloaded app from 2010. Further, TikTok will be expanding its user base for the upcoming year. Several TikTok audiences are young. Do you know anything about the TikTok population statistics? If not, check below about the TikTok user’s statistics: 

  • 28% of the TikTok users are below 18.
  • 39% of the TikTok users are between 19 to 29.

Fact: TikTok has clear female users of 59% compared to 39% of male TikTok users.

After knowing these TikTok demographic statistics, you would be keen to start your business marketing on TikTok. If so, then begin to follow TikTok business marketing trends. For example, you can promote your video visibility for your business on TikTok. For that, you should choose the best option to buy TikTok likes for a video that improves your organic ranking. When your business marketing works right on TikTok, it leads to gaining organic engagement for your business on TikTok. Above all, trust me, following every TikTok trend for 2022 will bring positive results. It is vital for every brand, those targeting the younger audience, to find the right TikTok’s chances for business marketing. 

1. Hashtag Expands Popularity (#Memes)

Memes are updating themselves as popular features everywhere around social media platforms. Most often, hashtags work within the Gen-Z and Millennial audience base to appeal to them in the business page on TikTok. Although, TikTok video offers the best results for memes than the still images. Right now, images are a standard feature on the TikTok platform. Thus, the video creators on the TikTok platform start to make short-format videos by tagging their business brand’s hashtags. As a result, several people share these TikTok videos with their followers, peers, and families by engaging with the videos. 

Important Trick

  1. If you want to engage on TikTok, see what’s trending.
  2. Start to take part in the TikTok challenges by using hashtags.
  3. Apart from that, begin to use the best option of using Trollishly, then start to grow your TikTok account from today onwards. 

2. Brands & Influencers Creates Series (Episodic Content) 

TikTok videos are short and run for only 60-seconds. The original video length of TikTok is about 15-seconds long. Most TikTok music videos limits to a quick and engaging timeframe. Influencers and brands recognized that they could attract their TikTok audience by creating episodes of content that is a series of TikTok videos following the sequence of the video series. If you grab your audience within the first episode of TikTok, your audience will become curious about the upcoming episodes on TikTok. Few people seem to share their TikTok videos for the business launches – they create small chunks of TikTok content to post on the business account. 

Fact: First, break up the long video without thought. At last, you should make a twist at every end of the episode by offering the viewer a chance to carry towards the upcoming TikTok video episodes. 

3. Do Duets To Connect With Followers

The popular feature on TikTok is “Duets.” First, you can start creating your TikTok video. After that, motivate everyone to make a Duet video to play with your original video. So, that Duet offers the best option for TikTok followers to interact with brands or businesses. Even now, you can create a TikTok duet with any video for your brand, friend, influencer, or even your videos. But remember to use your Duet’s original video only if the creator allows it. 

Also, brands can use Duet as part of their TikTok challenge, an evident example of user-generated content. Thus, TikTok Duets leads to massive engagement with your target customers. If you are working with brand influencers for your business, then you can have the chance to win good viewership for your TikTok videos. Hence, your video will be visible to your followers who make their Duet. 

4. Target On Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Several people took a genuine interest to know what’s happening behind the scenes for their businesses. Say like how they work and what employees do. TikTok offers a fantastic chance for you to display your personal and professional side. It can be effective if you make something unusual, exciting, or even extraordinary. 

For instance, Local Pro Plumbing generated approximately 20K views for a video by displaying sewerage escaping. So when we move ahead of 2022, try to see how many firms use their employees as the brand’s public face. 

5. User-Generated Content Works For Marketers

User-generated content is turning valuable for several brands on the TikTok platforms. It can be tricky for brands to make new content on the continuous. If a business can profit from the audience-generated content, it makes your business reach more new followers. If you are trying to amplify your business reach on TikTok, you have the best chance to use Trollishly, making your user-generated content drive higher engagement from your followers. User-generated content on TikTok can be from your followers or target customers for your business brand. Brands are using UGC posts to convert prospects and followers as brand advocates. Brands are currently motivating their customers to create and share TikTok video content by featuring their business products and brands using branded hashtags. 

Benefits Of UGC On TikTok

  • For business, TikTok’s UGC post drives your followers to view because of the official content strategy. 
  • Gen Z trusts the content from real followers more than the trusted brand influencers’ content. 

Key Takeaway

In a nutshell, this article explains everything you need to know about the new TikTok marketing trends strategy to follow. It helps improve your business engagement and expand your sales pipeline to the next level. Also, you can beat your competitors once you begin to follow up with hashtags, UGC posts, doing duets, and featuring behind-the-scenes TikTok videos for your business. 

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