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6 Examples of IoT Devices at Home

by Victor

When it comes to technology, we are seeing some of the most astonishing innovations and unique things coming forward. The internet of things is not an exception and taking over the world by storm. Not only on an industrial level but also on it has gained massive attention among homeowners due to many reasons.

One of them is that IoT devices can help you take control of the devices in your hand. Some of you might be wondering and asking for examples of IoT devices at home. Don’t worry, we will tell you what it is all about. Before moving further, let’s take a look at what are IoT Devices.

What is IoT Devices?

IoT devices or internet of things devices are connected to the internet to receive and transmit information from other systems, people in the network, or devices. It allows us to manage and control devices from any part of the world.

However, to control these devices, you need to have a stable internet connection. As most of the devices consume a huge amount of bandwidth and data, it is important to look for an internet service provider with unlimited data caps.

Spectrum is widely available throughout the United States and offers unlimited data along with optimal customer support in multiple languages including English and Spanish. If you belong of Hispanic origin, you can check all the details of spectrum español ofertas.

Now you have an idea about what are IoT Devices. It is time to reveal some examples of IoT devices at home. Let’s take a look at it.

Examples of IoT Devices at Home

Many homeowners might be using IoT devices at home for a long, but are unaware of it. One of the examples of IoT devices at home includes Google Home Voice Controller. If you have not used it yet, here’s a breakdown of what it does.

Google Home Voice Controller

There is no denying how Google has eased our lives. Not only Google is limited to search engines but also investing in the latest technologies to keep ahead of technology giants. Google Home Voice Controller is the best example of an IoT device at home that gives you control over lights, speakers, television, alarms, and many more appliances.

Google Home Voice Controller also allows you to make phone calls to your loved ones and send messages. If you command Google Home Voice Controller you can also listen to your favorite music. In addition, get weather updates, control home appliances, and keep an eye on daily to-do tasks.

Amazon Echo Voice Controller

Amazon Echo Voice Controller is gaining popularity with each passing day due to its many benefits. The IoT device allows you to send messages, play songs, listen to news updates, and make phone calls. The device also helps you to check weather updates and manage your day-to-day tasks.

One of the best features of the Amazon Echo is its sound-canceling features allowing you to distinguish your voice, even if songs are playing. The device is also helpful in making voice interactions, making calls, setting your daily alarm, and playing your favorite music.

Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker

What’s the most beautiful thing that you could get in the morning. For addicts, a perfectly brewed coffee wakes them up and gives them the boost to carry the energy throughout the day. When it comes to brewing coffee, Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Coffeemaker is all you need to schedule, modify and monitor your brew from anywhere in the world.

There is no need to check your coffee or worry about brewing while you are away from home. Set reminders and get it done in just seven minutes. You need to download WeMo app to get control right under your fingers. If you want to brew manually, you can push the brew button to get it done.

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go is the modern way of operating your lights at home and controlling it according to your mood. Whether you are watching a movie, spending some time with your spouse, or having a party, Philips Hue Go will help you create custom lighting from pre-built ones.

You can control Philips Huge Go through WiFi or Bluetooth, whichever option suits you. Moreover, you can also find a slider at the top to adjust the lighting according to your desire. The Philips Hue Go comes with dynamic effects. If you are a gamer and sit for long hours in front of the screen, you can boost your experience through third-party apps.

Amazon Dash Button

One of the examples of IoT devices at home includes the Amazon Dash Button which makes it easy for anyone who is super busy and can’t keep track of household items inventory. For instance, you can keep track of your grocery list along with personal care items and medical kits. The device allows you to order anything that is short and needs to be delivered immediately. The device allows you to reorder your favorite items with just a push of a button. However, if you are not an Amazon Prime Member, make sure to subscribe right now because it is available for them only

August Smart Lock

When it comes to examples of IoT devices at home, you can’t ignore security devices like August Smart Lock. The smart security device learns about each person who is visiting the house. It also notifies you when your door is not locked properly. Moreover, it also comes with an auto-unlock feature to open the door automatically.

If someone is coming from abroad or you will be getting home late, you can even add the guest and allow the smart lock to give access to your home. Control everything from your smartphone and set alerts and notifications for all your movements.

Summing Up

You can find plenty of other examples of IoT devices in homes such as Smart thermostats Nest Smoke Alarm, Harmony Universal Remote, and many more. All of these devices hold unique features and give you convenience and ease all the time.

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