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How to To Find Perfect Online English Tutor to Learn English

by Victor

Finding the perfect online English tutor is a hard task to do because there are many things to consider before getting an online English tutor. You have to match if the tutor has a similar accent, nationality, gender, and many more. You also have to choose if you are learning English for a general purpose or an academic purpose.

One of the key things before finding an English tutor online is to find a perfect platform. AmazingTalker is a great online language learning and tutoring platform that teaches more than 60 different languages. They offer English tutors online to make your learning English journey easier. They have language courses for more than 60 different languages. 

Considerations for Finding The Perfect Online English Tutors

What is the Nationality of the Tutor?

When you are searching for a perfect tutor, their nationality and geographical location are really important. One of the main reasons why you should know about their nationality is because you will know what accent they use. When learning English, the biggest issue every learner faces is choosing between a British accent and an American accent.

If you are learning English as an everyday language then the American accent is for you and if you are trying to focus on moving to Australia or the UK then the British accent is for you. So when you are choosing a tutor also make sure if the tutor is from an English-speaking country or not.

What is the Gender of the Tutor?

Many might think, why should I care about who teaches me English? But the reality is very different, choosing the right gender is an important part of English learning. If the tutor is from the opposite gender then you will face many small conflicts between you and your tutor.

One of the biggest problems that you will face when having an opposite gender as your tutor is the pronunciation and the use of vocal cords. Because men and women have different pronunciations, most of the time they achieve different voice tones. So if you are finding the perfect online tutor for your English then having the same gender is a must.

What Experience Does the Tutor Have?

No matter what you say, one of the main things a perfect online English tutor should have is teaching experience. When you are searching for a tutor online, the best way to learn about a tutor’s skills is through their experience. It also matters when it comes to what kind of tutoring you are looking for.

You should always remember what kind of experience you should search for when it comes to finding the right online English tutor. If you are learning English for IELTS or PTE then finding a tutor with experience in these fields is an important choice for you.

How Much Does the Tutor Charge?

You should always check the average price of an online English tutor and how much time they offer. This is important because when searching for the perfect online English tutors the first thing that will come to mind is pricing. Whenever we think about perfect tutors we always think about them being expensive and overly charged.

Finding a perfect tutor also means that the tutor must be charging affordably and reasonably. Back when online tutoring wasn’t a thing, many English tutors charged high. But nowadays with technology being really common and easy to use, finding online English tutors is not really hard and quite affordable.

What Platform Does the Tutor Use?

One of the major things you should do before finding a tutor is to find a decent online platform. There are countless online English learning platforms but not all of them are good. The easiest way to find a perfect online English tutor is by finding the perfect online English learning platform.

You can skip all the steps above if you have a good platform to look for. Thankfully AmazingTalker is here for you. With AmazingTalker you can learn 60+ languages including English much more fluently and effectively. They also offer AI-generated tutor suggestions that suit your needs perfectly. Visit AmazingTalker today to learn about their exciting English courses and tutors.


In this article, we have discussed how to find the perfect online English tutor to learn English. Here we have suggested many ways to find the perfect online tutor that sites your needs. Before you hire any online tutor we encourage you to follow the steps above. We hope this article will help find the perfect online English tutor for you.

If you don’t want to get into these types of hassle and just want to find the perfect tutor quickly and easily then AmazingTalker is for you. AmazingTalker is an online language tutoring and learning site that offers tutors in many languages. They teach 60+ languages and have AI-generated tutor suggestions.

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