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A Tutorial on Packaging Extra Ordinary Gift

by Uneeb Khan

Packaging is an art, as well as creating any product. Product items and packaging go hand-in-hand. Their interdependence is obvious. If you want to take care of your product, Elite custom boxes experts can provide graphics, themes and 24/7 support to make your product look as beautiful as possible, so don’t worry about packaging.

Here at elite box makers, we know how important a product means to the person who is sending or receiving it. It is not only mugs, bikes, lip glosses and frames that catch people’s attention; packaging also plays a vital role. Do you have trouble packaging something valuable? We’ve created step-by-step guides that can help individuals and companies package some of the more challenging items during transit. 

A complete guide to packaging chandeliers

Unlike other pieces of furniture, chandeliers are delicate and fragile. Don’t know how to pack and move them? We’ve got you covered. Hanging the chandelier will make packaging it easier. Consider securing it with an industrial hook or wrapping it in situ. Place a cushion, a towel or a blanket under the chandelier if it does not have enough padding. It is not advisable to place it straight on a hard surface.

Find a cardboard box suitable for packaging the chandelier. On average, the box should take up three inches more space than the chandelier. The chandelier’s weight should be taken into account. Wholesale gift Boxes with double walls and puncture resistance are recommended for heavier chandeliers. Ensure that all the light bulbs in the chandelier are removed and packed separately.

If any other detachable pieces can be removed, you may want to wrap them separately. Inspect the package for sharp edges that may have been damaged during transportation. Using thick packing foam and tape or using cardboard and tape can protect the items.

In addition to the top and bottom, pay attention to the bottom and top of the chandelier, because the bottom will be exposed to more pressure and is thus more likely to be damaged. Cover these parts carefully with bubble wrap or packaging foam. The cardboard box’s bottom needs to be taped well. Foam wrap or bubble wrap should be used to cushion the box’s bottom.

Cable ties can be used to secure loose wires by wrapping them with your hands. Make sure that the chandelier stays upright in the box. Ensure the loose fill is well compacted to prevent the chandelier from moving. Fill in the remaining space with loose fill. After the chandelier is securely installed inside the box, cover it with foam or bubble wrap.

Attach a tape seal to the box. A label indicating which way up each box belongs should be attached to all boxes containing chandelier parts. These labels can be used for fragile items or to indicate which way up the box belongs.

ECB expert tips for packaging artwork

Packaging of valuable products, in particular artwork, can be challenging. Since artwork is so valuable, it must be protected. A leading online packaging company and retailer, ECB, gave us some tips for packaging artwork carefully. Below is an excerpt.

How does ECB prepare artwork packaging for shipment?

Flat packed prints are first placed in cardboard wholesale gift boxes before being placed into white boxes or brown boxes or any other customized boxes designed by ECBs expert team, then we imprint company logo, tagline, message, detail, slogan etc. on it. Standard boxes have dimensions of either 75 x 75 x 3 cm or 120 x 120 x 3 cm.

Could you tell us how the packages are packaged and shipped?

Tissue paper or bubble sheet will be used to wrap the print. After being secured to the cardboard, it is secured with corners to prevent it from moving. There is another piece of cardboard on top of that, which has been taped with polypropylene. It is then secured with more polypropylene tape into the white box or customized box with the two pieces of cardboard. 

A guide to packaging fine china

It can be challenging to package small objects like fine china. A chipped tea cup is the last thing anyone wants to receive. Here’s how to package your fine china to ensure it arrives without damage. Prepare a workspace that is large enough for you to work comfortably.

You may need to lay blankets on the ground to create a large enough surface to see all the materials and items you need to pack. Set up a large packing table or workstation, if you do not have a large enough area. Moreover, the blankets will help prevent accidental drops and breakages of the fine china. The cardboard box needs to be larger than the china you plan to pack in it by at least an inch.

To store the second cardboard box, you’ll need a larger one at least three inches larger than the first. Sort the fine china into similar sized groups as you pack it. Using smaller wholesale gift boxes will protect your fragile or different-shaped items better if they are not the same shape. Adding the second cardboard box can be done after the smaller custom gift boxes in wholesale are packaged. 

Tie a piece of tape around each item you are wrapping. As you wrap and tape each item, cover it with bubble wrap to ensure the safety of it. With very delicate items prone to breaking, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. During transit, these items bump into each other a lot, which results in a lot of damage.

Once the foam liner is cut to the appropriate size, it will fit snugly inside the smaller box. Cover the china with loose fill, and place one section into the bottom of the box. Wrap the china in loose fill and place two inches into the box. Fill to one to two inches. While closing the second polyurethane foam box, apply gentle pressure. Take care not to over press, otherwise the contents could be damaged.

Lay the packed smaller box on top of the three inches of loose fill in the larger box. Make sure to fill the smaller box’s entire circumference with loose fill. As soon as you’re done, tape all flaps and edges of the double walled box tightly together. Afterwards, you can attach a fragile label.

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