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Cakes that can’t stop beckoning you

by Uneeb Khan

As you understand the fact of being entirely dependent on the online mode of every little thing of life, all exotic and world-famous cakes you will be craving for are now in your city just waiting for you to place an order and savor you. Can you imagine that any of your special events will be there, but your favorite flavored cake will all be missing? Then don’t imagine as we’re all here to serve you and get the best-flavored cake and even your favorite too all delivered at your doorsteps in no time. 

You can order cakes online and fill your special days with a bit of more sweetness and make those events worth remembering. You can also send cakes to your friends or relatives living away from your places and surprise them on their beautiful days.

Kremna rezina

It is one of the most iconic desserts of Austro-Hungarian countries. The main ingredients of this cake are puff pastry, Chantilly, and custard cream. It originated in Europe. The entire cake is dusted with icing sugar and can be served by cutting it into cubes. 

The spongy base is topped with excellent vanilla custard, whipped cream, and the sponge cake is made with cake flour, butter, vanilla extract, buttercream, whipped cream. This is a beautiful luscious cream with a golden super crispy pastry that acts as the sponge cake base. 

This cake gained much popularity and also gained much tourist attraction. The pie is usually folded several times and made to rest and cook for several minutes before finally serving them. Powdered sugar and chocolate ganache can also be used to perform the cake.


Tompoce is named after Admiral Tom Pouce and introduced by a pastry baker named Amsterdam. It is a pastry which originated in The Netherlands. It is generally a rectangular puff pastry that is made with slight variations of both colors and size. The filling of this cake is lovely and laden with yellow pastry cream. 

This cake is topped with whipped cream, and sometimes even jelly can be added to it, making it taste extraordinary. This cake is generally served with tea or coffee or the time of breakfast or snacks. 

It is a light texture cake. Tompouce has complex biscuit-like layers, squashed with thickened cream, and tastes lovely with anything, scorching beverages.

Coca de San Juan

Coca De San Juan is a Spanish cake. This is one of the most popular, which is mainly used during festivals. The main ingredients required to bake this cake are sugar, powdered and icing form, lemon zest, eggs, buttermilk, and yeast. 

Cherries, whipped cream, pine nuts, and crystallized ginger are also used on top of the cakes as toppings which gives a unique appearance. It is also a teatime snack and generally goes well with hot tea or coffee. As this cake became the primary threat to the feast of San Juan and so it got its name from the dinner itself. 

This cake is soft with red cherries, berries, and other syrups that make the cake look further alluring to all the cake lovers. This cake comes in many flavors and looks similar to a brioche decorated with pastry cream and candied fruits. You can also use raisins, grapes, and poppy seeds to decorate the cake.


This is one of the most delicious and authentic Dutch butter cakes almost found in every Dutch household. This cake is super moist, containing the rich taste of caramelized almonds. 

The ingredients required for baking this cake are butter, white sugar, beaten eggs, almond extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, a few whole almonds, or as cut into halves for decorating the cakes or as toppings on it. 

This cake serves on any occasion and can be formed at any time of the year. There is also online cake delivery in Bokaro, where there are wide ranges of all your favorite cakes which you can order and have on your special days along with your family and friends.

Kueh lapis

Kueh lapis first originated in Indonesia and forms one of the most popular deserts nationwide. It is generally served at room temperature, and its primary ingredients are rice flour, sugar and coconut milk, salt, and food coloring agent. Its alternate name is Kue Pepe. 

It generally consists of two alternating colored layers, and that is from which this cake got its name. The food coloring includes green pandan and red frozen food color. This cake is then steamed, and the food colors are added gradually, keeping in mind that these colors don’t mix and remain separate. 


In this process, this cake gets the structure of a pudding of two different colors, all blended into this beauty. It has a heavenly bouncy-like texture and fluffy too that beckons you to taste it again.

Lastly, don’t wait so long and let your stomach groan in hunger, order these decadent flavored cakes and satisfy your hunger to the fullest.

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