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What is the understanding behind product tours?

Product tours are a form of application that provides the lesson to the new learners via an application, website, user interface of the SaaS tool. Product owners can also be called walkthroughs of products since companies can be assisted to simplify their process of user onboarding. The product tour example is easily available everywhere through which you can have detailed ideas.

Product tour is often confused with the updated version of user onboarding which was done traditionally. But in reality, it is a total misconception. Product tour can be categorized as just a simple pop-up that includes the characteristics overviews- data collected parts of application tools or users experience of websites which combines various elements of new models designs to make onboarding more productive.

Numerous different user interface errors are combined in product tours like pop-ups, interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, beacons video explaining every detail so that the learner can understand the entire process.

How can product tours be used in user onboarding?

The onboarding process can be made easier with an efficiently designed product tour. Since it assists the new learner to get a good hold of the features and have a good understanding of the UI elements much quicker than if the users were supposed to learn all those things on their own, It is important to have a product that will guide the user through the entire product life cycle if the product is sophisticatedly built.

The main idea behind the use of user onboarding is to get the user to understand the importance of the product as early as possible. The above three-point will explain how it is beneficial to use the product tour.

•The experience of the user can be simplified:- SaaS learning curve of enterprise can be simplified by-product tour through the process of teaching the users the usage of the significant features that play the most vital role.

•Provides meaningful actions:- Instead of giving excessive key features overview, product tours show the path to the user to take the helpful and beneficial action. Knowledge retention gets maximized by the “learning by doing”  so that any user can efficiently and quickly master the product.

•Boost the engagement:- Any trouble that is in the onboarding process of the user gets reduced by an efficient design of the product tour. The first impression is the last. Hence, if the first impression of the product goes well then the user will spend a maximum of the time being engaged in the product and will try to explore the value of the product this will enhance the retention of the user.

What to keep in mind before making an efficient product tour?

•The foremost thing that should be kept in mind is, it is essential to personalize your product tour as much as you can. Because it will not be efficient to keep all the products tour same for all new users. Make different segments of products that will serve different roles and generate numerous product tour designs.

•Use cases should be matched with the user interface. If you want to avoid the tutorial of the product tour from becoming uneasy, then you must add the appropriate user interface pattern of the product tour. If the color and the design of the product get imbalanced then it can create a disturbing environment for the user which is a result, will deteriorate the engagement.

•With time it is very important to update the essential features of the products tour. For that, you need to examine how the users are spending their time on the product tour. Understand the problem that your user is facing in the product tour. Examine all the essential data that you can gather from the product tour and take the necessary step to make it more efficient.

There is a difference between a product tour that performs inefficiently and a product tour that performs in a hazardous way. Hence, if you want to choose the best then you must follow the above tips to build the product tour.


It is important to build your product tour efficiently, to make your customers take into the product so that your product gets a huge customer base.

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