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How to Check Telenor Number in 2022? Five Working Methods

by Marketgit Team

Nowadays, a normal person may have multiple sim numbers for his personal uses but it is difficult to memorize each number. Sometimes when you try to replace your mobile sim with your another old sim but you don’t know your mobile number. Now in this article, I will discuss that how to check Telenor number? I will explain some methods for the Telenor number check code. So let’s start the discussion:

5 working methods to check Telenor number:

 1. Check Telenor Number by SMS

  • Open your mobile text message application and don’t type anything into it
  • Just send this empty SMS to 7421 code
  • Now, wait a little bit, you will receive a text reply from 7421 and your number will be displayed in the text message
  • Small standard charges will be applied while sending an empty message to 7421

If you want to check the Telenor number for free, then dial *8888# from your mobile and send. Your Telenor number will be shown on the screen of your mobile. No charges will be applied. Be assured that you have an active Telenor sim card before checking the number. These codes will not work in case of the Inactivity of SIMs.

how to check telenor number

2. Check Telenor Number by Call

  • Open your mobile dialer and dial 7421 from your Telenor number
  • Auto-response message will be delivered by dialing 7421 code
  • After that, you will receive a text message from 7421 along with your number
  • There are no charges

I have also written my previous articles about how to check Jazz number and Zong number check codes. So you can visit them and find the codes easily.

3. Check Telenor Number Online

If you don’t know the above methods, then here is the Telenor number check online free by visiting Telenor’s official website. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open Telenor official website and scroll down the bottom
  • Click on Telenor Customer Care at the bottom-right corner
  • Enter your Name and any mobile number to continue and press Start Chat
  • Make a conversation with the agent and he will ask you about your CNIC and some other information
  • After clearing the verification process, the agent will inform you about your Telenor number

Keep in mind that you will be able to get your Telenor number if your SIM number is active on your CNIC. Otherwise, they will refuse to tell you the number.

4. Check Telenor number by Talking to Representative

Every cellular company allows its customers to get help by talking to their representatives. So if you want to talk about a number check inquiry then you can call them by dialing 345. Telenor helpline for customer care is 345:

The representative will acquire you about your personal information like:

  • Your name
  • Valid CNIC
  • IMSI number of your SIM (IMSI are the printed numbers on the back of the SIM)

After knowing these details from you, the representative will verify it and tell you your forgotten Telenor number.

5.  Download My Telenor App

This is an easy method to check Telenor numbers by downloading and installing the My Telenor app from Play Store or Apple Store for Android and iOS respectively:

  • Open Play Store or Apple Store and find My Telenor App
  • Tab on install button and open it after installation
    Download My Telenor App

    Download My Telenor App

  • Now, press the Start button and My Telenor App will automatically fetch the number of your Telenor number
  • The number will be displayed on the My Telenor app

FAQs about How to Check Telenor Number:

How to check Telenor number on my CNIC?

Call the Telenor helpline ‘345’ and talk to the representative, he will ask about your CNIC and give your Telenor number after verification.

How to check Telenor number ownership?

Visit the Telenor Official website and do an online chat with the Telenor Customer Care agent. Start the chat with putting your name and number.

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