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8 Best Mobile Security apps for iPhone and android

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The best iPhone application is digital, no doubt everyone has a secret on their iPhone, so you need to create privacy on their iPhone device, as many methods have been developed to hack an iPhone these days easily when you are not. Best Mobile Security app for iPhone and android

Which is the best blocker application for iPhone?

There are many ways to protect personal data, such as photos and videos, with the free iPhone App Locker app Among the best of these programs:


8 Best Mobile Security app for iPhone and android

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We can’t start this list without mentioning the Applocker app first, as it works well in protecting mobile devices.

This app provides a solution for people who want to lock more than one app on their phone, as it allows you to add multiple passwords for apps you want to lock and lock the home screen.

With the latest update of this app, now that it supports iOS 9 and even iPhone 6 Plus, you can start using Touch ID as an alternative password and if you don’t feel secure enough just enter a password to protect your apps fingerprint is useful as an alternative

download AppLocker

iProtect App

8 Best Mobile Security app for iPhone and android

image via Google PlayStore

This app is one of the best software to block the iPhone app, one of the most important and powerful software for iPhone device protection, as it contains the same functionality in the Applocker app and supports the latest firmware, namely iOS 10.2.

Additionally, iProtect provides basic locking features such as locking apps, contacts, photos, folders, and more, and you have options between using a password or a fingerprint.

download AppLocker

BioProtect app

8 Best Mobile Security app for iPhone and android

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BioProtect offers some additional features in-app blocking, where you can prevent anyone from locking their iPhone or making changes to settings without your permission.

download BioProtect app

 Folder Lock application

8 Best Mobile Security app for iPhone

image via Google PlayStore

This app is considered to be the best iPhone app key – This app allows you to protect your photo files like photos, videos, documents, contacts, notes, and audio recordings on your iPhone.

It is an ideal application where you can transfer files from iPhone to a computer or vice versa, as well as a file lock icon that locks photos and videos, as the system provides options for Lock Gallery, Photo Lock, and Video Lock.

The most important features of the program:

  • Lock folders.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Hide sensitive photos and videos.
  • Voice protection with password.
  • Close important documents.
  • Protect and block written notes.
  • Privately keep recordings and notes.
  • Import saved contacts. Video ban. freeze images.
  • Create private communication groups.

 download Folder Lock application

Cloud Secure App

Download Cloud Secure App

image via iphone.apkpure.com

It is an iPhone device cloud protection application that prevents hackers from accessing the cloud storage account containing all important or private documents, photos, videos, files, and archives.

The most important features of the program:

  • Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and DropBox can be blocked with a single click.
  • Enter a password, PIN, or hidden pattern.
  • Resist and block recovery efforts.
  • Retrieve your PIN or password

download Cloud Secure App

Lock My Folder Program

Lock My Folder Program

image via apkpure.com

Considered one of the best iPhone app lock apps where you can easily edit and protect your private albums, photos, videos, and private accounts, as access to app content is protected by your password in this app.

The most important features of the program:

  • Smart Lock Technology If you forget to close the system, your privacy will be automatically locked.
  • iCloud backup features make your data more secure.
  • Update the complete encryption pattern by setting a different password than you know, making it difficult to open files without your permission.

download Lock My Folder Program

Photo lock and video lock vault

8 Best Mobile Security app for iPhone and android

image via Google PlayStore

This app works to protect your photos and make videos private, which keeps your privacy, and is considered the best and most advanced app in the store because of its many benefits.

The most important features of the program:

  • Provide complete privacy protection using long passwords.
  • Works well with fast response, high resolution, and easy operation.
  • Create albums to edit photos and videos.
  • Move objects between folders.
  • Post photos and videos to public albums.
  • Email supports photos and videos.

download  Photo lock and video lock vault

Secret Folder App

Secret Folder App

image via Google

This app is considered as one of the best iPhone blocking software, a free and free app.

  • Easy to use, so the user has no difficulty handling it, even if it is his first use.
  • You can decide which apps the user wants to block and which ones no one can access without them.
  • Can be downloaded to modern iPhones.
  • It is difficult to remove it normally, to protect itself from deleting malicious applications and accessing locked files.
  • Only the phone owner can delete it.
  • Easy to use All a user has to do is download and open the app, then it will set their password.

download Secret Folder App

How to use a fingerprint activation function

People use the fingerprint feature on the iPhone because it is considered easy without downloading any software and this is done in the following steps:

  • You must first access the mobile phone settings.
  • Then select Touch ID.
  • So create the code you want or the password you want to create.
  • Then press Continue.
  • In the iPhone app there is also an application lock without the use of any iPhone app lock-free of charge, by selecting the app you want to lock and press your fingers and it will be locked and no one will be able to open it without you.

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