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How to recover iPhone and iPad data from backup

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With the advent of iPhones, our way of sharing and producing data has changed dramatically, giving us the opportunity to use sophisticated multimedia content such as videos and presentations, without having to produce high-quality tools for performing music editing tasks – recover iPhone and iPad data from backup

In the past, all of these tasks required computer access. So they were relatively stable. It was very difficult (though not impossible) for a computer to suddenly lose data.  And when this happened, it was always due to a visible mechanical failure. Because it was related to a change of storage media, both internal to computer and external (especially floppy disks).

Reasons why you lost your Data of iPhone

It is very common to lose data stored on iPhones and other mobile devices. Because these things are under a lot of pressure because we are always behaving. Many users, in fact, have not been notified of the operating conditions of these devices. And you do not see, for example, that severe temperature changes can cause battery shock and, directly or indirectly, change the performance of their iPhone, until it becomes unusable. Added to this all the damage caused by screen breakage, which can make it difficult to access data even if there is a very active iPhone.

These are situations where the age of images, messages, and other content may be lost due to negligence; something to be avoided, but you should know how to recover lost data on my iPhone if it ever happens. And since you are here, you may have experienced a similar situation.

If so, I will try to help you, explain the procedures to be used to retrieve data stored on the iPhone, as much as possible. In fact, keep in mind that it is not always possible to resolve these issues.

How to recover iPhone data from backup

If you carefully follow Apple’s instructions, you will surely be backing up one or more iPhone backups from time to time and automatically, both on iTunes and iCloud. This means that most of your data, up to the time you back it up, is secure on your computer (in iTunes storage mode). Or on Apple servers (in iCloud support mode).

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You can follow some of the suggested methods in the data transfer process from iPhone to iPhone, especially those that use iCloud, iTunes, or macOS utility. You will be able to update the data on your iPhone.

However, you should be aware that the iTunes backup does not include a series of data, which I type here, based on the latest information from Apple at the time of writing:

  •  Purchases (apps, music, books, etc.) made at Apple stores.
  • Content synced with PC (MP3, imported CDs, videos, books, and photos).
  • Files uploaded to iCloud (such as photos, Messages, SMS, and MMS messages).
  • Personal settings such as Face ID, Touch ID, Apple Pay, Apple Mail, keychain data, and Activity and Health apps (unless you choose iTunes encrypted option).

For iCloud backup, here’s what you won’t find

Information already stored independently in iCloud (Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Cloud Photos, Messages, Voice Memos, SMS, MMS, Health app data);
Information already stored on other cloud services (Gmail, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.);

• Face ID, Touch ID, Apple Mail, and Apple Pay data;
• iCloud Library and App Store.

In summary, therefore, both backups should allow you to rediscover:

  •  Identity contacts.
  • Saved photos and videos.
  • IOS settings, applications, VPN certificates, and configuration profiles.
  • Personal data and history (if iTunes backup is encrypted).
  • You must follow the instructions I have already given you in order to lose access to iPhone data.

Obviously, these will be available until the time you have backed up. Therefore, if you created the backup a week before losing the data, you will not be able to think about recovering the photos taken later. So do not forget to do a backup of your data.

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