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Edit and Convert Your PDFs

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Online PDF converters are convenient tools to let users make changes to their PDF files by converting them to a new file type. Users who want to add or remove the text or make any design changes to a PDF can convert it to a Word or Docx file to give them more access to the file. PDFs were not meant to be edited, but the need to make changes to PDFs arose with time and new programs had to be created to give users that power.

The Tools to Convert a PDF

With the emergence of online PDF editors, there are now many ways for users to convert their PDF files. These programs range from advanced to very user-friendly. But there are other ways to convert PDFs that do not require users to download or install new software onto their laptops or computers.

One easy way to convert and then edit and merge PDF files is to use Google Docs and Google Drive. Users can upload their PDF file to their Google Drive account and then open it in Google Docs, which automatically converts the file into a readable and editable Google Docs document. Once the file has been converted, users can make changes to the text of the document.

Unfortunately, while Google Docs lets users make changes to the text of a PDF document, all the other design elements of the original PDF file (charts, graphs, formats) are not converted and will remain inaccessible. To make those kinds of all-encompassing changes, users still need to rely on PDF editors.

How to Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form

A fillable form is an important document form with many different types of uses. Users may need to send important documentation (legal, financial, business, etc.) to many different users securely, error-free, and without any illegible text, which is what the PDF fillable form offers. Creating a fillable form is not hard but requires software like Adobe or Lumin PDF.

Users can choose from a form type from the many options that both Adobe and Lumin offer in their PDF template database. Once they have selected a particular type of form, users can then open the template in the PDF editor and create a fillable form that suits their needs. They can save these changes and then send them to the relevant party for them to fill out.

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