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Top reasons why QuickBooks still rules Accounting

by Marketgit Team

QuickBooks accounting software continues to dominate the small business world, despite the cloud taking over. When QuickBooks was first launched in the early 1990s, it quickly gained up to 85% of the market, with subsequent releases maintaining and increasing its impressive share, and currently, an estimated 5 million companies have this program in use.

QuickBooks has a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that is superior to traditional installed versions of QuickBooks. Intuit has responded by leading the adoption and implementation of QB Cloud, but other competitors are entering the market. Some of these competitors are aimed at start-ups and moment pop businesses, while they have multiple users, including order processing, orders, inventory and warehouse management, workflow, automation, and more complex reporting of cash flow. Some are aimed at businesses that require advanced tools.

So, what is the right accounting software decision for you? QuickBooks remains the gold standard, especially for companies that have used this program in the past. This is a bit like the discussion of different Windows versions. Different business owners need to make different decisions depending on how familiar they are with traditional or modern infrastructure and their long-term strategic goals.

Safe and secure cloud adaption

In the initial stage of QuickBooks, Intuit the developer of QuickBooks has been criticized heavily for not keeping up with the trends in cloud accounting. However, the task of moving important data from an on-premises server to cloud-based radio waves is as difficult as moving it, with caution and caution. This is what QuickBooks has done slowly but surely to move to centralized storage of financial data and 24/7 access from devices running QuickBooks online. The best thing about cloud adaption is that you can access your QuickBooks data file from anywhere on your Azure VDI.

Safe and secure data backup

The importance of data backup with utmost security is very important. The key to automatic backups for the QuickBooks version is to set it up correctly in the first place. After that make sure you don’t import wrong data on it to avoid losing your current data. 

Still the best for small businesses

Intuit has several high-profile small business outreach programs, including marketing guides, videos, consultations, weekly gift card sweepstakes, and a small business local buzz program that offers a lumpsum marketing grant.

Easy Tax returns with QuickBooks

QuickBooks responds when next year’s tax deadline is approaching, through in-house tax accounting capabilities or collaboration with TurboTax in the SnapTax app.

QuickBooks includes several important Development

User interface improvements, significantly improved email integration and online banking capabilities, advanced inventory management, and advanced pricing features make the latest version of QuickBooks one of Intuit’s best.

User-Friendly Design

Designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, there is a reason why QuickBooks regularly claims more than 85% of the accounting software market share, even for business owners with no accounting or financial background. 

QuickBooks is integrated with several built-in efficiency-boosting tools

Many shortcuts and workarounds can help users save time and improve performance while meeting key accounting needs. Intuit’s online training and extensive support are invaluable tools for learning these tasks.


If you are looking to adopt QuickBooks as your Accounting Software, you should go with Hosting QuickBooks providers like Apps4rent who will help you to set up QuickBooks. This provider also guides on services like Migration Office Migration and provides multiple benefits for end-users. For instance, you can enjoy data entry automation, auto-updates, and remote access.

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