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Embrace Product Magnificence with Magnetic Closure Boxes

by Victor

Give your brands an instant face uplift with magnetic closure boxes. These boxes are classified as premium boxes in the world of retail packaging. Do you think that custom packaging has limited benefits for limited businesses and customers? Well, you might be in for a surprise then. Custom packages options offer multiple advantages to brands that switch to them. These brands can successfully transfer the benefits to their customers as well. Retail custom packages is a win-win deal for both customers and businesses, which is the reason it is fast becoming a raging trend in the retail world. 

If your products are high-end retail items, then you should select premium retail packaging for them. After all, the packaging is the first thing that your target audience will come across. It gives very little time of only a few minutes, which opens the window of opportunity for the businesses to convince their audience to purchase. If the packaging is not up to the mark, the customers will select your competitor over you. To mirror the esteem of your products, make use of the custom magnetic closure boxes, which will give your brands an unforgettable and exclusive look. This packaging type is popular amongst high-end designers, who offer their premium product range in magnetic closure boxes.

What are magnetic closure boxes?

These oh-so-fabulous boxes are stock-based made from distinct cardboard options. A magnet is positioned strategically in the layout design of these boxes. To stimulate an automatic shutting mechanism, metal plates are then positioned in the layout of these boxes.

What are magnetic closure boxes

It is worth mentioning that magnetic closure boxes do not fall under the ‘cost-effective’ category of retail packaging or custom boxes.  Like candle industry with high-end products or those launching a limited edition of their products select rigid candle boxes to attract the customers. To give a stellar look to these boxes they are layered with a superior paper type.

Provide a memorable experience with magnetic flap boxes

If you are unable to find ways to win the customers and exceed their expectations may be the key to it lies in custom retail packaging. You should go for magnetic flap boxes to pack individual or a collection of products, which will offer an unforgettable unboxing experience to your customers. They will be able to use these boxes later on to store other items.

Provide a memorable experience with magnetic flap boxes

Customers love packaging options that provide them a chance for alternate use. Your packaging will keep your brand alive in their minds long after the products are finished. Every time they use or look at the box, they will be reminded of it. It will help in narrowing down their choice to the respective brand during shopping.

Provide ease to seniors with magnetic closing boxes

If you are a brand whose target audience includes seniors, then you must think about using magnetic closing boxes as a retail packaging option. Modern packaging can leave them confused or exhausted. This kind of packaging will be convenient for them as the box will close on its own. To make things easier ribbons can be added to aid pulling for them. Since these custom rigid boxes are crafted from sturdy stocks, which do not get damaged easily they will be able to use them for a long time.

Provide maximum product security

There is no denying the fact that magnetic closure boxes are manufactured from sturdy stocks. But sometimes, certain products like; eyewear, delicate jewelry items, etc., may require more protection. In such cases, the inside of these boxes must be lined with appropriate material life foam or fabric to minimize impacts. Internal separators or inserts must be used to prevent these items from getting damaged by rolling inside the boxes.  These inserts can also be used with the window-patching addon for an attractive display of the product and its protection. You can explore countless other customization options by getting in touch with retail packaging expert companies. 

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