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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

by Victor

Nowadays, a robust online presence is no longer a choice; it has become necessary for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether a small coffee shop or a renowned brand, everyone is looking to build a website for their business. 

Selection of the right technology is crucial among the significant factors ensuring an online business’s success. JavaScript is one of the widely used text-based programming languages which is suitable for both client-side and server-side.

It is used to make web-page interactive. The languages such as HTML and CSS give structure and style to web pages, whereas JavaScript gives web pages an interactive element that engages a user. Companies partner with JavaScript development services to rightly utilize this language for their web development project.

This blog will cover how much it costs to hire a JavaScript developer for your project. Let’s find them out. 

What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Hiring a JavaScript Developer? 

  1. Experience and Expertise

It is a significant cost driver that cannot be overlooked. Their experience and expertise determine the hourly development rate charged by a JavaScript developer. The more knowledge and experience a developer has, the better services they can offer you. 

As developers gain more market exposure, they better understand the technology and development approaches they should use to create customer-focused solutions.

When you hire JavaScript developers in India with at least five years of expertise, it can satisfy the basic app development needs, but this may cost you about $20 per hour.

While it is preferable to leave the challenging app development tasks to the highly skilled developers who can charge as little as $50 per hour and demand modern features and a lengthy development period.

  1. Scope of the Project

The type of work that must be done is the first factor to consider when defining scope. Different JavaScript development projects have different needs. Connecting your application server to a well-known third-party API will often take less time than creating your whole JavaScript-powered back end from the start.

Your project’s scope will be more accurately described in your job description, making it more straightforward for talent to provide you with realistic pricing estimates and proposals.

  1. Location

Another factor that may affect the hourly rate of JavaScript development services providers is location. It’s no news that you may save money on talent by taking advantage of global variations in purchasing power. However, it’s also crucial to account for unforeseen expenses like time zones, language challenges, and the complexity of managing remote staff. 

The ability to search a worldwide talent pool for the best candidate for the project is the benefit of finding talent remotely on Upwork. Therefore, location is no more a barrier to finding the right developer. 

  1. Freelance, Internal, or External Agency

Hiring a freelancer is the best solution if you are competent and knowledgeable about technology to discover the best expert for you. You can find the best talents on some websites, such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and others.

The most significant advantage of hiring freelancers is they are the cheapest option, but communication and developer skills are the most critical issues with freelancers. The average cost of a freelancer can start from $10 to $15+ depending upon the skills and expertise of the expert.

  1. In-House App Development Team

Leading companies may find it beneficial to create a team of developers, but doing so can be challenging due to the practical challenges of selecting the best specialists for the projects. You can find developers on a few websites, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Dice, etc.

But it can be time-consuming to interview various candidates and manage their monthly salaries. However, having an internal development team provides several benefits, including accessible communication. In the US, developers’ yearly salaries can start at $95,000 and go higher. On the other hand, if you choose to hire a JavaScript developer in India, it will cost you less. 

  1. Devoted Development Team of Developers Outsourcing

These days, hiring a development team through outsourcing is one of the most frequent yet well-liked solutions available, thanks to attractive hiring rates from various software development organizations. 

The fact that outsourcing organizations are supported by skilled and knowledgeable JavaScript developers devoted to delivering top-notch quality and on-time project delivery is their most important advantage. Clutch, Good Firms, and IT Firms are the most trustworthy platforms for outsourcing firms. An entire development team can be outsourced for an average cost of $35 to $50 or more.

  1. Choice of Engagement Model

You can employ JavaScript specialists for your project using various engagement models that JavaScript development companies offer. Developers can be hired on a dedicated, time-and-materials, or fixed cost basis.

Every model offers a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. You can decide which one best fits the demands of your project. For instance, a dedicated engagement model is appropriate for regions with expensive native developers. 

On the other hand, hiring developers using time and material provides you the benefit of paying according to your resources. Moreover, for a specific period hence, you can save your overall development cost. 


When you hire a JavaScript developer, you must have heard of looking for their experience, talents, knowledge, and budget. These are the necessary parameters, but it’s also critical to use them to assess the developer’s profile. Apart from this, you should also look for the communication and soft skills of the JavaScript developer you are planning to hire. 

Soft skills such as problem-solving skills, openness to feedback, analytical ability, and an eye for detail are crucial in order to complete your project on time and in a planned way.

Summing It Up!!

It should go without saying that finding the ideal JavaScript developer takes time and is difficult for businesses. It takes some technical know-how and comprehension of the interaction model for JavaScript developers. 

It is unfair to tell you the appropriate cost to hire a JavaScript developer based on several factors. We tried to cover all the critical aspects in this blog that will assist you in determining the cost of hiring an ideal JavaScript developer for your project. 

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