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Evaluation of my Gucci Sneakers

by Uneeb Khan

It’s no secret that Gucci Sneakers is one of my favorite labels. I’ve been completely smitten with the label for a few years, and it appears like you guys are feeling the same way since my Gucci Sneakers Belt Buying Guide continues to be one of my most-read blog pieces each month. Although I’ve greatly increased my Gucci Sneakers collection over the last year, there is always another Gucci Sneakers item on my want list.

What does Sizing run

A pair of Gucci Sneakers embroidered shoes was one of my 2019 Gucci Sneakers purchases—and I believe it to be one of my greatest! I’m aware that I’m a bit late to the party, but for a good time, I had been debating if they were worth the high cost. Although there weren’t many reviews of them online, I knew I liked the design and was constantly trying to expand my collection of white sneakers because of how adaptable they are. Although I didn’t immediately get a perfect size, I eventually gave in and got them this year, thinking it would be a toss-up whether or not I’d truly want to keep them. However, the instant I put them on, I knew I wanted to retain them. I wanted to write a thorough review of them after exchanging them for the right size and wearing them so much in case any of you were thinking about purchasing them as well. Scroll down to see all of the FAQs on

What does Sizing run?

The Ace shoe runs 1/2 size big for ladies, so be careful to size down. I made the error of purchasing my typical size (size US 6/UK 36), and as a result, I had to exchange them for a US 5.5/UK 35.5. It turned out that sizing down by half fit me perfectly!

However, the men’s Gucci Sneakers fit true to size if you’re buying them. Phil owns a pair of the original Ace shoes, which fit him well in his usual size.

What Style to Purchase

For quite some time, I had my eye on the Ace shoes, but I was never quite sure which design I preferred. Online, the Gucci Sneakers Ace for ladies collection has 24 distinct SKUs. The embroidered, ornate, and classic designs are my favorites. Since the embroidered Ace shoes are so distinctive, I chose to wear them. I like how the edgy studs contrast with the feminine pearls since it matches my own edgy/feminine feel.

How to Maintain Cleanliness

Unexpectedly, considering they are white sneakers, they are not as difficult to keep clean as I had anticipated. They don’t collect stains as readily since the leather isn’t very porous. One of my pet peeves with white shoes is how readily they wrinkle, but the leather is smooth yet somewhat stiff, so that doesn’t happen here. Creases are often a certain indicator of worn-out footwear. I use natural baby wipes on them to maintain them in the greatest shape, and if there’s a noticeable scuff, a Magic Eraser (very gently).

Pairing them with socks

Since I don’t often wear socks with my shoes, they keep my feet cool and pleasant even when I don’t. I’ve worn socks on occasion, and whenever I do, I always choose these no-show styles.

How to Dress for Them

My Gucci Sneakers Ace shoes look fantastic with a simple shirt dress or dressed up with a statement bottom, but I’ve worn them most often with jeans.

Do they feel at ease?

In case you’re still stumped on the solution to this,

YES! They are comfier than my beloved Golden Goose shoes, which are also quite comfortable. Despite using softer materials in their construction, the Gucci Sneakers Ace shoes maintain their form quite effectively.

What stores sell them?

When I ordered the incorrect size for my first pair from coco reps cheap price, they didn’t have the following size down, so I ended up purchasing them straight from Gucci Sneakers, and Phil purchased a pair from Saks Fifth Avenue. They all arrived in the same Gucci Sneakers box with dust bags and were all in excellent shape. Gucci Sneakers probably provides the greatest size variations, so I’d start there. However, Phil purchased his during a Saks gift card promotion, so you could sometimes find them in Saks or Neiman Marcus sales.

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