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Goldcrest Mall Is Soon To Bring Some Serious Entertainment To The Heart Of Lahore!

by Victor

At Goldcrest Mall & Residency, we pride ourselves on being the beating heart of Lahore. Our state-of-the-art facilities and unrivaled amenities put us in a league of our own, among other mega projects across the city. We hope to become an iconic landmark for DHA – the go-to destination for all things fun and exciting in Lahore!

Although there are many big and small shopping malls in Lahore, Goldcrest Mall & Residency is the perfect opportunity for investors to invest. It has also become the ideal fit for those looking to transform their lifestyle by having their own home.

The Goldcrest Mall & Residency representative announced in a press briefing that the HMR GROUP entire project would soon launch several projects, such as a rooftop restaurant and food court, bakery and café, cinema, play area, etc.

Soon-to-be completed rooftop Winter Bagh Restaurant project at Goldcrest Mall & Residency will be a 12,000 sq. ft. open-air concept with beautiful sunset views available to guests. The restaurant will serve typical delicious dishes in an atmosphere that cannot be missed. It will also be an ideal place to host private events.

Loafology, and Dukaan have all recently opened at Goldcrest Mall & Residency, and now a high-quality bakery and café are coming soon. Go Flour Bakery & Cafe has agreed to open its dome at the mall soon. Go Flour Bakery & Café is one of the artisan bakeries in our country that put a creative twist on baking. All you can expect from this Go Flour Bakery & Cafe are fresh baked goods and delicious drinks.

The cinema project of Goldcrest Mall & Residency, Cinestar, will be a family-oriented attraction that is perfect for a day out. With its unique blend of a rooftop restaurant and theater, it is expected to draw in viewers and help contribute to the growth of our film industry.

Goldcrest Mall & Residency is also home to an entertaining play area that is perfect for people of all ages. The upcoming Amusement Arcade Area at the mall will feature various arcade and redemption games and a soft play area. By incorporating indoor playground equipment into this family entertainment center, we can provide visitors with an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The Goldcrest Mall & Residency rooftop restaurant will still be available, but the mall is also jumping on the latest food court trend. This new eatery will offer delicious food to patrons in a convenient location with plenty of space. The food court will become a popular destination for shoppers – especially young crowds – due to its large number of kiosks and counters offering better visibility into all the food options available.

The most enthralling part of this project is that there will be a range of entertainment options surrounding it. For example, Goldcrest is passionate about having a food court visible from every floor corner, retail store, amusement area, and cinema.

Soon, another food and beverage store will open in Lahore– Mastani. This famous street food store is preparing to welcome guests at Goldcrest Mall & Residency with an array of budget-friendly fare. Many people are expected to visit the space daily because the food maintains its high quality while still being affordable. With a Dhaba taste, Lahoris can enjoy hygienic yet delicious cuisine at the mall.

Lahore is home to many bustling shopping areas, and retail brands are the heart of these places. One such renowned brand present in Lahore is Goldcrest Mall & Residency. Here you will find several familiar national and international brands, including Al-Fatah, Bonanza Satrangi, Edenrobe, Adidas, Cambridge, etcetera. Some outlets have already opened at Goldcrest, while others are expected to open shortly.

Goldcrest is committed to providing consumers with access to their favorite retail brands. Our goal is to make shopping places in Lahore convenient and enjoyable for everyone, and we are confident that our project will be the most successful retail development in Lahore’s history.

About Goldcrest Mall:

Goldcrest Mall & Residency is a luxurious project located in the luscious area of DHA Lahore brought to you by HMR GROUP. It will provide the local community with many top-notch facilities. The complex boasts beautifully furnished apartments, easy-to-navigate roadways, plenty of green space, and much more.

At Goldcrest Mall & Residency, you can shop, eat, and be entertained all in one place. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for with various stores and restaurants to choose from. Plus, our residential concept is perfect for anyone who wants to live close to everything they love. We’re committed to providing our customers with an enjoyable experience every time they visit us.

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