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Eye Exams: Prevention is better than Cure

by Uneeb Khan

Addiction to computers, laptops, cellphones and tablets has become a problem for children and adults alike. The blue light produced by these gadgets might impair your health and vision. A growing number of individuals worldwide are having eye-related issues. Using electronic gadgets regularly may be a factor in this (while at work, throughout the entire day, or before sleeping at night). Everyone has a go-to optometrist in Parramatta, Brisbane and Sydney which has shown improved Australian eyesight. When it comes to maintaining good vision, frequent eye examinations are more vital than ever. Also, regular appointments to the eye doctor guarantee that eyeglass prescriptions are up-to-date and that early indicators of eye illness may be detected. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of frequent eye exams in Parramatta:

Detection of Health Issues in the Early Stages

Visits to an optometrist are an excellent method to catch health issues before they become serious so that you can take preventative steps. A visit to the optometrist in parramatta may also reveal other health issues, such as diabetes. These are some examples:

  • Patients with high blood pressure sometimes have blood vessels in the back of their eyes that seem to be leaky or twisted. In the absence of a visit to an optometrist, this may go undetected. While it is possible to treat high blood pressure by seeing an eye doctor, this is not always the case.
  • Skin Cancer of the Eyelids Sunlight may cause our eyelids to become vulnerable to UV radiation. Also, they may be one of the first areas to develop various forms of skin cancer. Before skin cancer spreads to other regions of the body, optometrists can quickly identify the afflicted patches or spots. It ensures that therapy may begin as soon as possible.
  • Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have dry eyes as a frequent symptom. If you see an optometrist regularly, this may be seen.
  • Eye examinations may identify brain tumours, which may seem strange at first. However, this is, in fact, the case. A bulging optic nerve is a common symptom in patients with brain tumours. An optometrist will be able to discover this by doing a visual examination.

Determine whether your vision is deteriorating.

What if you’ve never had to wear eyeglasses? It’s crucial to know when this will alter because of the usage of technological gadgets. Often, individuals are unaware that they have bad eyesight! For example, you may have a large computer screen or TV. Thus you may not notice whether you can read from a distance or not when you’re sitting in front of it.

Your computer usage, reading and driving might become more perilous if you don’t see an optometrist. Optometrists in Parramatta can examine your eyes and find abnormalities that you may not have noticed. It means that you may begin using glasses immediately to restore balance in your vision and regain good eyesight.

Eye Diseases Can Be Diagnosed

Additionally, frequent eye examinations may help diagnose eye disorders before they become more serious. Be aware that early diagnosis is critical if you want to avoid eyesight loss. Glaucoma and other degenerative eye illnesses sometimes go undetected in Parramatta until it is too late for sufferers to do anything about it. A Parramatta optometrist can tell you whether you need expert eye care or treatment after conducting an eye exam.

That way, your eye disease is addressed immediately, rather than waiting too long, which might make it more difficult to reverse the damage. Glaucoma, for example, may be challenging to identify in its early stages due to the lack of apparent symptoms. However, if your eye pressure is tested every six months, you may catch the condition in its earliest stages. Damage is reversed, which might result in irreversible blindness as a result.

Preventative Care

Getting an eye test is no longer a top priority for some very ill individuals who need surgery to restore their vision to its pre-surgical state. Only a few individuals are aware that the risk of retinal detachment increases dramatically after surgery. To preserve your eyesight, it is critical to acquire a diagnosis as soon as possible. Visiting an optometrist frequently ensures that you are receiving the correct and consistent therapy to repair the damage. As a result, if you want to guarantee that your vision remains clear and disease-free, it’s time to see an optometrist frequently.

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