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What Are the Benefits of 5G?

by Uneeb Khan

5G or the fifth-generation – a more responsive and efficient iteration of the cellular technology is still rising. Manufacturers of the technology are working day in and out to provide the amazing benefits of 5G to as many users it can reach at its initial stage.

Surpassing all the initial challenges, 5G towers in Australia are now being installed and the technology is gradually gaining ground in the country. Over the  period of time, the telecommunications industry has come up with solutions to reach maximum towns and cities in the country.

However, 5G has excellent potential. Technology enthusiasts have already made tremendous noise about how 5G data can travel at multigigabit speeds and provide a speed up to 20 Gbps (gigabits per second).  

How Does 5G Work?

Wireless networks rely on cell sites which are divided into sectors that use radio waves to send data. The present 4G networks have set up a foundation for the upcoming 5G networks. 

4G relies on large high-power cells for transmitting signals. The uniqueness of 5G is that it uses small cell stations that can be located on light poles or building roofs. High speeds that 5G can attain result from multiple small cells using the millimetre-wave spectrum, the spectrum band between 30 – 300 gigahertz. 

Instead of installing high rise network towers to provide 5G technology, companies have come up with 5G cells to fulfil user demands. Gradually, the manufacturers will come up with different alternatives to provide 5G networks to every nook and corner of Australia. Currently, if you want to see the placement of 5G network towers in Australia, you can find 5G network maps online, and check if the supply is possible at your desired location.

There is still ongoing development around the millimetre spectrum 5G uses. For example, 5G towers are being installed in places where there are bare or minimum obstructions like trees, buildings, and walls that can easily block these waves.

The Speed of 5G

5G can open the doors for fast speeds. For instance, you can stream a YouTube video in 1080p quality on a 5G network with zero buffering. You can download apps or Netflix shows and movies, which takes a few minutes with 4G in a few seconds. 

The potential of a 5G network is to reach up to 1,000 megabits per second and even up to 2.1 gigabits per second (Gbps). However, the speed depends on how far the 5G node is located from your point of use.  If you have a node close by, you will get lightning fast speed.

What Are the Benefits of 5G?

There are many benefits of 5G that you will learn about below.  

Following are the upsides of 5G.

  • You get a low latency of 1 ms.
  • The 5G network uses higher frequencies.
  • Mobile broadband can be enhanced.
  • The data rates are higher, resulting in newer technology options in 5G, such as real-time virtual reality streaming and 4K streaming.
  • Based on the localities, there is a high potential to bifurcate 5G uses in terms of low band, mid-band, and high band frequencies.

The wireless networks in countries like the US, South Korea, and China drive the first 5G buildouts.

The plans of 5G towers in Australia, India, Canada, and other countries will follow after these countries. However, 5G towers are getting installed pretty swiftly to enhance user experience and network quality in Australia.

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