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Food You Should Never Eat Before Flying

by Victor

Perhaps you’ve consulted a Canadian immigration lawyer and are assured of a hitch-free journey. Yet, another thing to prioritize is how to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip. Do you know that eating some foods before flying can ruin your flying experience? 

From bloating to headaches, some foods can make you uncomfortable throughout the journey when you eat them before boarding a plane. We do not want you to have these experiences, so here are ten food to avoid before flying.

1. Fried Food

They taste nice and are the best for any occasion, but not for a flight. Fried food is high in lipids which take longer to digest than most other food. Your stomach can be pretty selective when flying, and fatty foods have the potential to cause indigestion.

Again there is every chance you could have heartburn, all thanks to the fats and oils in the food. So, you should wait till you alight before digging into these yummies.

2. Carbonated Drinks

We know carbonated drinks are always on the menu at the airport store, but it isn’t in your best interest to guzzle much of them before going on the plane. Some carbonated beverages would cause gas to accumulate in your belly, and getting it out can be pretty embarrassing. Forget the courtesy apologies. If you need a drink, why not take some water?

3. Lentils

These include beans of all types and peas, to mention a few. When going on a flight, comfort precedes nutritional benefits. Lentils are loved for their proteins, minerals, and vitamin constituents but are also notorious for causing gas secretion in the gut. As a result, you could suffer from bloating and flatulence.

Talking of the latter, the last thing anyone needs on a flight is confinement to a place with offensive odors. Hence, keep legumes off your menu before a flight, at least for the sake of others.

4. Fibre-Rich Food

Unfortunately, several of your favorite fruits fall under this category. These include apples, mangoes, and coconuts, to mention a few. These types of foods do not digest as quickly as others would. Consequently, they can cause gas to accumulate in your gut. You know what follows after, don’t you? Be your brother’s keeper!

5. Foods Spiced with Garlic and Onions

Have you had someone that has just eaten garlic speak? If you have, you should understand what we mean. The odor from these two spices is pungent when perceived and more so when it comes as a mouth odor. 

So, if you hope to converse with your seatmate, munching some food with these spices is a bad idea. It would take more than a mouth wash to get the scent off. 

6. Coffee

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you must pardon us on this one. The low humidity level of airplane cabins is a sufficient challenge to your health, causing the throat, nose, and skin to feel dry. 

Although coffee only has a mild diuretic effect, you do not need anything to reduce your body’s moisture. Some possible aftermaths of drinking coffee before a flight are headaches and nausea.

7. Sugar-Free Gum

Many swear that chewing gum on a plane helps them better cope with the cabin pressure. But experts warn that chewing gum causes us to swallow unneeded air, which leads to bloating. 

Hence, you will do well to leave this food item out of your menu while waiting for your flight. Needless to say, bloating causes uneasiness, and ridding yourself of excess air from your stomach can be inconveniencing to your seatmates. You know what we mean, right?

8. Alcohol

There are bars and restaurants in airports with different types of liquors for travelers. While there is no rule against drinking some spirit before boarding a plane, you should reconsider doing so for your flight convenience. 

As earlier stated, the atmosphere in the airplane cabin is already dehydrated, and alcohol is a potent diuretic. You would have to frequent the toilet than necessary, causing you to lose much fluid. Meanwhile, long flights can have worse side effects, leaving you with intense headaches and a dry throat.

9. Red Meat

You would have to exercise lots of self-control not to eat some red meat in an airport restaurant while waiting for your boarding time. 

Research proves that the protein contained in red meat is harder to break down. As a result, your stomach would not empty on time, which may result in bloating. So, exercise some caution and avoid ordering a steak or burger just before you get on the flight.

The Close

Understand that conditions while on a flight differ from when you are on the ground. Research shows that traveling on a plane has effects on our digestive system. Hence, while the foods mentioned above may not pose substantial problems to you on the ground, it is a different ball game once you board the plane.

Another thing that can be equally troubling is thinking of pending immigration problems. You can always visit iasservices.org.uk to resolve any issues while planning that trip, so you would have no cause to worry.

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