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What’s New in the World of Manga is Josei Mangas!

by Victor

There are more than enough romantic manga series out there, so what about some that are a little different? Maybe a little more mature and with more of an edge? Or perhaps something with a bit more substance? Well, you’re in luck! Because there’s a whole new world of manga that’s come out in the past few years, and it’s one that’s just for women. The romance manga genre has been around for decades and has seen its ups and downs over the years. However, in the past few years, it seems like romance manga has taken a new turn. This new, female-targeted comic book genre is called Josei, which means “mature” in Japanese. In finding camellia of your own you might want to check josei manga books. The definition of a Josei manga can vary from series to series, but generally speaking, it’s anything that is intended for an adult audience. You might be wondering, “What is a Josei manga?” or “Is there such a thing as a Josei manga?” Keep reading to find out more! Let’s feed your feminist side with Mangaowl!

What is a Josei Manga or Comic Books?

Josei manga, also known as “mature manga,” is a type of comic book intended to appeal to women and a more mature audience. The story typically focuses on women and their everyday lives, rather than focusing on romance and/or relationships. Because of its mature subject matter, there are many different types of Josei manga. Popular genres of Josei manga include a slice of life, school life, family life, and career-centric stories. If you’re tired of reading romance, fantasy, adventure, mystery, genres manga and want to read a graphic novel that is feminist josei genre manga is suitable for you. Josei manga is a genre that promotes feminism in the world of manga, It focuses on a romance that is realistic and mature, unlike shoujo. Some of you might hate josei even though it’s a mature feminist genre it also contains relationships like incest which is a taboo in some Asian countries.

Why Are There More Josei Manga?

The popularity of Josei manga is rising at a fast pace. Why is this? There are a few reasons. First, society is becoming bestsellers and accepting of the idea of women being seen as sexual beings. This is good for the industry, as it allows for more realistic stories about women. Second, the publishing industry is changing. More and more, publishing companies are trying to appeal to a female audience by creating more female-centric series. The genre was now being promoted for those women that are feminists so they can explore and have fun with manga and also educate people more about feminism.

Some Popular Josei Manga

Overall, try a few of these new Josei manga yaoi series if you’re seeking something different from the daily romance comics. With so many amazing series to choose from, you’re sure to discover one you enjoy.

  1. Queen’s Quality


Kyousuke Motomi


Josei, Romance, Supernatural.

Fumi Nishioka is a Sweeper disciple who serves with colleague Sweeper Kyuutarou Horikita and his parents to remove unwanted feelings from people’s hearts. She was homeless until knowing them, and everyone regarded her as if she were condemned. But the Horikitas, particularly Kyuutarou, corrected that and placed her where she rightly belongs.

  1. Beauty Bunny


Mario Yoshino


Romance, Josei.

Yuzuhara Kohane, 17, has no curiosity about beauty or make-up. Being labeled unattractive by the gorgeous Iori, who also seems to be a beauty expert and the heir of a well-known cosmetics firm. Yuzuwara once requested Iori to turn her gorgeous, and she obtained a transformation! Little by little, she became interested in it. It transforms into a lovely chance for romance. Cinderella’s love story using cosmetics!

  1. Devils and Realist


Madoka Takadono


Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Josei.

Seventeen-year-old brilliant nobleman William Twining discovers his family’s going bankrupt and finds his world irrevocably changed when, while hunting for money to cover his education, he accidentally invokes a demon in his family’s cellar.

Mentioned above are just the top 3 josei manga books to look out for. There are so much more Josei Manga found online nowadays that you can always browse and explore with Mangaowl.


Is There Anything Bad About Josei Manga?

There are many great things about Josei manga, but there are also some negative aspects. For example, one of the biggest concerns about the rise in popularity of Josei manga is the lack of diversity in the stories. Although there are many different types of stories in Josei manga, it’s often just about women and their relationships. Therefore, there is less room for stories about other groups of people. Another problem with Josei mangago is that many are not very good. This is unfortunate because it’s a genre that has a lot of potential. In fact, most of the popular Josei manga out there are “school” stories. Luckily, there are a few series that break the mold and go beyond the typical story. Mangaowl has the bestsellers of Japanese comics from around the world.

Final Words; Is Josei Genre of Japanese Comics Worth Reading

Overall, there are many positives about Josei manga. It has the potential to be a very positive and realistic type of manga book. There might be just slight things that many won’t like in the josei manga, It’s the opposite of seinen manga where josei focuses on the romance that’s more realistic than shoujo. Women are allowed to be seen as sexual beings, and there is more room for stories about other people, too. Josei manga could also be a great way for women to connect with each other. However, the genre is young, so it’s difficult to say what the future holds for it. Overall, if you’re looking for something different than the daily romance manga, try checking out a few of these new Josei manga series. With so many great series out there, you’re bound to find one you’ll love! Hit the comments for your reviews regarding the site. If you’re looking for a romantic genre that’s for mature women and understands your goals and attitudes in life josei manga is for you. Create a long reading list of josei manga with mangaowl that doesn’t force you to pay and subscribe for any services. A genre that will make you fall in love with every page thanks to the expansion of romance manga we now have something mature version to read online and offline.

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