Freelancing vs full-time job – what is better

Freelancing vs full-time job – what is better?

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For either of the mode of working, the grass seems greener on the other side. The people working full-time yearn for the flexible and autonomous work routine of freelancing, while the freelancers are envious of the security and added perks like pension and other amenities that come with having proper employment and working full time.

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Now let us tally the two forms of work out there – freelance vs a full-time job – and check their pros and cons to help you decide what you want.

  • Being stable vs being flexible – With a full-time job comes security and stability. The people who work full time have a contractual concept and can be assured that they will get a fixed salary every month, which can help them budget without worrying. So if you are looking for stability, try working full time. As for freelancing – it is flexible but also unpredictable. With freelancing, everything depends on how much work you do.
  • Having added perks vs self-dependent with no perks – A full-time job also brings many perks that freelancing does not have. Some of them are – paid holidays, parental leaves, and retirement schemes. Some companies even organize free training programs or workshops to help you improve your skills. As a freelancer, you will be all on your own. From insurance to budgeting for a vacation, everything will go out of your own pocket.
  • Being under control vs being free – As a full-time employee, you will be under authority and have to do what they say regardless of how you feel. But as a freelancer, you have full freedom of who you work with. That does not mean the client will be the easy-going type you are looking for, but it will not be as bad. This is because the contract between you two is temporary, and you can do research about the client you are going to work with and go through their profile and company. So in that sense, freelancing seems like a better choice.
  • Social life – As a full-time worker, networking comes easy. You will be surrounded by professionals and experienced people in your line of work at all times. You will be able to attend conferences through your company, and you will also learn a lot from these people. But at the cost of growing your social life professionally, there are chances you are missing the social life of your personal life. This could lead to problems with your family, especially if you have a family. But this is not the case for freelancers. They, too, may grow their professional life, but not at the pace a full-time employee can. But the best part is – they can at least tend to their personal life as well. This could be a win-win situation for freelancers. But if you can manage both your social lives efficiently in either of the cases, you are good to go.

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