What is the advantage of using footprint network for blockchain data analytics?

What is the advantage of using footprint network for blockchain data analytics?


The blockchain is the decentralized and digital public ledger having a system that records the transactions across various computers that are linked to the peer-to-peer network. The blockchain has huge potential in the department of analytics and today there are increasing number of enterprises that provide advanced tools as well as software systems for providing the users with cutting edge insight. The blockchain data analytics transforms the raw blockchain data into searchable as well as executable data which the users can utilize for building their services.

The blockchain analytics provides real-time alerts on highest risk activity that allows the compliance teams for focusing on urgent cases and reporting suspicious activity. The transaction graph provided by these analytics enables in-depth access to trends, patterns, and transaction activity in a clear and precise graphical view. These tools analyze the public blockchain transactions with the help of conventional data analytics and they also track transaction data for valuable insights.

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The benefits of footprint for data analytics

The Footprint is one of the most powerful software tools and blockchain data analytics platform from Vantastone Technology P.TE. Ltd. that uses convenient analytical tools for unearthing and visualizing data related to blockchain. The product from the company puts emphasis on the user experience regardless of their occupation or professional profile. The application provides easy drag-and-drop features on its interface and interactive data queries which gives the users the power to understand all aspects related to blockchain analysis.

The Vantastone technology constantly tries to make its technology more accessible through decentralized analytical solutions as the blockchain technologies continue to expand. Vantastone technology is based in Singapore and it is made up of experienced team having diverse backgrounds that includes internet product designers, smart contract developers, risk modeling practitioners, and banking industry managers who are all DeFi enthusiasts. The projects that have been launched previously include fintech lending platform, mobile e-commerce applications, data mining business, and personal credit risk modeling service. Some partners associated with https://www.footprint.network/ includes Instaopp, B-Protocol, Curve, Definer, Badger, and DFX.

One of the reasons why an increasing number of users are choosing footprint is that it cleans and aggregates data from all the major pools, platforms, and chains.  Then it presents this data in a way that is extremely easy to understand as well as work with.

The footprint subscribers get access to the cross-chain and the multi-project data thereby enabling users to create plus analyze the charts on different aspects related to blockchain. There is also advanced wallet labeling where the labels and footprint tracks the address exchange of the individual wallets. This means that you can track which of the address is selling off or accumulating specific tokens and the amount of profit it generates for the portfolio or the coin. The footprint provides the right platforms for different users around the globe to share their insight and information on the medium.

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