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Global Renowned Sand Casting Manufacturer

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The global sand casting manufacturer includes several prominent manufacturers known for their expertise and significant market presence. Here’s an overview of some of the top players:

  1. ZHY Casting. (Luoyang, Henan, China) – ZHY was founded in 2004, leading by a group of senior engineers with decades of experience and academic achievements in manufacturing industry.

Expertise: Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Lost foam Casting ; Facility: 3 well-established foundries (2 ferrous foundries & 1 no-ferrous foundry).

  1. Metaltek International (Waukesha, WI, USA) – Known for a broad range of metal casting services, Metaltek specializes in sand casting among other methods and is notable for producing valve components and impellers, serving industries like aerospace and energy​.
  2. Gamma Foundries (Canada) – The leader in non-ferrous sand casting, Gamma Foundries is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, and specializes in aluminum, copper, and stainless steel metals​ .
  3. NovaCast (UK) – Offers extensive experience in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings, serving diverse markets such as transport and defense. They provide a full range of casting processes including sand casting, and emphasize sustainability in their operations​.
  4. Badger Alloys (Milwaukee, WI, USA) – A full-service sand casting manufacturer that pours over 200 alloys and specializes in complex, heavily cored castings. They provide comprehensive services from pattern making to finishing and are involved in a variety of industries from industrial pumps to defense​​.

These sand casting manufacturers demonstrate significant capabilities in both standard and advanced sand casting processes, incorporating techniques like 3D printing and in-house machining to cater to diverse industrial requirements. This global spread of manufacturers reflects the sand casting industry’s adaptation to meet the needs of a wide array of sectors, from automotive to aerospace and beyond.

It’s important to note that the list above represents just a few examples of sand casting manufacturers, and there are many other reputable companies worldwide. When choosing a sand casting manufacturer, consider factors such as their expertise, certifications, quality assurance processes, capabilities, and their ability to meet your specific requirements and production volumes. It’s also advisable to conduct further research and seek recommendations to find the best fit for your casting needs.

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