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Hiring a Nanny in the UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Victor

If you have young children and work long hours in the UAE, finding trustworthy childcare is essential. Hiring a qualified nanny through a registered tadbeer center is one of the best options. Here is a comprehensive guide to navigating the process smoothly.

The initial step is deciding the nanny’s role. Consider your schedule and the children’s needs when making this choice. Next, research well-established tadbeer centers near your home that handle nanny placements. Drop by to browse profiles detailing candidates’ qualifications, experience, languages and references.

Most tadbeer centers allow shortlisting multiple candidates to interview at their premises.. Check at least 2-3 candidate references before making a decision to verify performance quality. Look for individuals who show patience, compassion and enthusiasm for the responsibilities.

Once you find a good match, the tadbeer center can guide submitting an employment contract outlining salary, allowances, working hours, probation period, leave and other crucial terms agreed upon. The standard 30-day probation period allows evaluating suitability before long-term commitment.

Administrative procedures include paying tadbeer center fees for processing the nanny’s employment visa, medical fitness tests and Emirates ID card – essential paperwork securing their legal employment status. The tadbeer center acts as your point of contact, facilitating the medical checkup scheduling and required documentation uploads to immigration.

Open communication helps long-term success. Settle into your new routine with the nanny while checking-in periodically with your tadbeer center contact for any clarifications or changes

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