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How Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek can be life-changing?

by Victor

Every traveler who has ever been to Nepal can confirm that a journey to this Himalayan nation can be life-changing. Not just travelers in the 21st century but visitors from very old age have always regarded the mountain as a place to acquire great knowledge and peace. There were many great Sadhus from India who had been blessed with the knowledge of the mountains. A whole lot of people have hiked into the Himalayas to explore the best version of themselves and to experience ultimate peace. And with the new trekking routes in Nepal emerging every year, it is now possible for everyone to have a life-changing opportunity in Nepal. Please note that the trip to Nepal is physically and mentally challenging. And achieving such a demanding trek will help you explore your best self. 

While the most popular trekking trails of the Nepal Everest base camp trek and Annapurna base camp trek are already very popular among tourists, and thousands of tourists visit this classical trial every year, it is important for you to find the new trekking routes. Manaslu Valley is located in the center of Nepal, around 150 km west north of Kathmandu in the Gorkha district. This is a restricted trekking zone in Nepal that requires a special permit for foreigners to enter. The Manaslu trekking trial was closed until 1991. This is among the last opened trekking routes in the area, and its cultural and natural heritage is preserved in the most untouched form. 

The culture of Manaslu

Like most of the mountains in Nepal, the Manaslu zone also has followers of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The followers of the Buddhist religion always spread the message of peace and kindness to the world. All of their cultural and traditional belief relies on humanity and hospitality. Insight into such a rich culture can be eye-opening. The simplicity of the People and their way of life can teach great lessons to the materialistic world of the modern century. So, if you are troubled by work or personal life issues, some insight into the life of these locals will give you a completely new perception. 

The natural beauty of Manaslu 

Being In the presence of Mother Nature is already relaxing. Being surrounded by snowcapped mountains, some of them the tallest in the world, is also a great opportunity for mankind. The natural beauty of Manaslu and the great heritages here will be exciting to everyone. The continuously flowing streams along the way, stunning waterfalls, the rich tropical forest and the real wildlife of Nepal all have exciting perks. Manaslu conservation area also preserves the wildlife and flora of the region. This means you will be in a very pleasing environment for a long time. 

Cost of trekking in Manaslu

Trekking in Manaslu costs a thousand for a 13- to 15-day journey. Compared to other vacation destinations, Nepal is very cheap and offers great value for money. This will keep your mind off the financial burden during the journey. With this money, you can have a great vacation on a budget. 

Duration of manuals trekking

The Manaslu circuit trek takes about 13 days. This is among the moderately difficult trekking regions in Nepal, and you spend only a few days trekking and a lot of time exploring the beauty of the region. So, in a short time, this can be a very rejuvenating journey. While many trekking trails in Nepal take more than 20 to 30 days to explore the entire region, this is a rather short journey. And if you have limited time, you can even complete this journey in a shorter time. Or if you are looking for a long and totally life-changing vacation, it can last up to 1 month. The longer you trek in the Manaslu region, the more time you have to study the culture and heritage of this place. 

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