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How Audio and Video Transcription Services Work in the Social Media World

by Marketgit Team

Social media platforms have become necessary to promote brands or pass messages worldwide. One way of doing this is through audio or video files. It has become essential to transcribe audio or video files to reach a larger audience since not everyone can hear. Transcription services convert speech to text. If you have a video or audio file, you can hire such a transcription service to do the job for you.

Turning audio into text is helpful in the social media world in the following ways:

1.Creates Better User Experience

These services provide a better user experience for a viewer or listener. This is especially if the speaker has a heavy accent or the listener or viewer is a non-native English speaker. It makes it easier for the listener or viewer to understand the content of the audio or video, which also works when the audio or video is in a foreign language. Including transcripts in your audio or video makes it easier to search the file for topics or keywords.

2.Accessibility to Hard of Hearing or Deaf Listeners and Viewers

Initially, captioning was done to give people who are hard of hearing or deaf a similar viewing experience. This text is helpful to over 360 million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss. To put it simply, a transcription service, such GoTranscript, allows these viewers to see your video content, which grants them access and increase your social media audience at the same time.

3.Allows Flexible Viewing and Listening in Sound-Sensitive Situations

Audio and video speech to text conversion services allows your audience to consume your content when in a noisy place. They can listen or watch and understand the content even when on a crowded street or noisy train.

Video captioning also allows viewers to enjoy videos in serene environments like offices or libraries. Nowadays, Ii is common to autoplay videos on silent social media platforms, such as Facebook. So, it would help if you had captions for your viewers to understand your content.

4.Increased Video Views and SEO

Adding transcripts to video and audio files boosts SEO. This is because search engines cannot watch videos. However, including transcripts enables search engines to crawl the entire text of your video or audio content to index it properly. Use the transcript to locate essential keywords in your video and adjust your on-page SEO elements to correspond to the keyword phrasing. Your video becomes more searchable within your archive or website and across the web when you include a transcript.

5.Easy Creation of Copied Content

Content creators and market researchers use recorded audio or video to develop clips, montages, and reels. However, it is not easy to sift through the content without using transcripts. Searching and scanning transcripts for crucial topics or phrases; you can lift direct quotes by simply copy-pasting and using the content as testimonials.

Why Use Expert Transcribers

Providers of speech to text services employ highly skilled and qualified transcribers. They have experience dealing with and recognizing various accents and pronunciations. Furthermore, they can process video and audio files in multiple formats and deliver them in your required text format. A company that provides these services has a ready team to deal with transcription projects led by a project manager. Instead of burdening your social media content creators, hire a transcription team to handle the particular task with a consistent quality and accuracy level.

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