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How does living assistance help people with disabilities?

by Uneeb Khan

Good health is essential to living an active and happy life. People with disabilities need relief and assistance to live a good quality of life equally with others. By providing care and support, differently-abled people become more independent and confident. 15% of people live with some form of disability and need assistance to complete their tasks every day. Their lives improve when they receive support from specialists to tackle disability-related challenges through assistance for daily living. The backing helps them to stay active, confident and achieve the goals they have set.

People with disabilities can get aid for daily personal activities, household work, or going out to another place to get chores done. The help gives them the courage to participate in the community.

Challenges faced by disabled people

Lack of access to employment opportunities and technology like internet service and assistive devices.

Inability to move around freely. The stigma associated with disability forces them to stay indoors.

Taking a long time to complete a task due to lack of speed. Feeling of incompetence and anger may deter them from doing a job.

Sometimes they have to face unpleasant situations where they are teased and abused. It can make them feel bad about themselves and start resenting their disability.

Types of support

Assistance to complete daily life tasks like taking a shower, dressing, preparing a meal, cleaning the house, maintaining the garden, shopping, and attending personal appointments.

Assistance to participate in social and recreational activities within the community.

Help extended to complete paperwork like payments and budgeting.

Help to find an appropriate job and maintain it by assisting them in communicating to the work location.

How to support differently-abled people

A disability can make life difficult. But there are many ways to overcome challenges, cope with limitations and live a quality life. Before attempting to help people with disabilities, it is vital to understand their needs and find out how you can assist them.

Treat differently-abled people as your equals. Even if they need assistance, they are the people who know better about their needs and how to handle their lives. Understand their requirements before trying to help them.

Some people can understand only simple words. Explain things to them in simple sentences and let them make the decision. Do not try to interrupt them before they complete a sentence.

Many differently-abled people don’t like sympathy. The first step in helping them is to make them feel confident. Try to strike up a conversation with them in a way that makes them feel free.

People may already be using some equipment to help them with their daily tasks. Avoid handling it without their permission and respect their personal space.

Engage in conversations and discuss only constructive topics that can uplift their mood. It can give a sense of belonging to the differently-abled people and lift their mood and mental health.

Though life is difficult for those with disabilities, it is not impossible to lead a quality life. With assistance for daily living, a person can lead a comfortable life and accomplish dreams. Adequate support and training make them take control of their lives and become more confident. Their life becomes much better, and they have more reasons to be satisfied with their life.

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