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How to get iPhone data without backup

by Marketgit Team

Without a backup, things get really complicated. Depending on the causes of the unavailable data (accidental formatting, device corruption, etc.) you will need to work differently to get data back after restoring iphone without backup. And you should seriously consider the possibility that it may be permanently lost.

In the following sections, I will suggest the most common cases, which are first categorized by the type of data and then the cause, and give you possible solutions.

Photo and video

Photos, photos, GIFs, and videos are stored on iCloud photos only if you use this option. So if you have not done so and do not have a backup, you can view them as lost, without using any data recovery software. As I will tell you in the following sections. See photos stored on iCloud if you are unsure.

However, if you are posting photos via Telegram, or uploading them to Instagram, Facebook (even private messages), or other cloud-based platforms, you just need to log into your accounts to get deleted photos back on iphone. The same is true for attachments to emails sent and received using the IMAP protocol.

This expression is different but in data and multimedia files transmitted via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. If so, you should have a cloud-based WhatsApp backup. Go to the section provided on WhatsApp for more details.

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Files, notes, and texts

All texts transmitted via email (IMAP protocol) can be accessed directly from webmail, by connecting to an email server. You will find it both in the post office and in the recipient.

As for notes, they are usually (but not always) stored simultaneously in an email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Or in iCloud; you can log in to your email provider to see if this has happened, and get back deleted texts iphone. Also, learn how to recover iPhone notes for more details.

For any other file or document stored on iCloud or on the servers of any other cloud storage service (Dropbox, One Drive, G Drive, etc.). Just connect to a reference account to find and download the data you have. stored on iPhone.

If, on the other hand, files are stored locally for some reason, try restoring the iPhone backup.

Website history

Internet history, for privacy reasons, is not included in iPhone and iPad backups made by iTunes. But only in encrypted backups (this is subject to backup encryption).

However, it, along with favorites and bookmarks, is usually stored automatically on iCloud. If the “Safari” item is selected in the settings of this service then you can get safari back on iphone if deleted. Obviously, if you are using other browsers to browse through an iPhone. Such as Google Chrome, you will need to contact cloud-saving services, if any. Most, however, offer a cloud data synchronization system, so you should be able to access this information (if you have linked an account).

If, on the other hand, you delete the iPhone history manually, it will be less likely that you will be able to find the browsing tracks.


iPhone contacts are automatically saved to iCloud, without a backup. Additionally, how to get deleted contacts back on iphone? you may have set up their sync with one or more e-mail accounts (especially Gmail), which you can easily access.

To retrieve this data from your iPhone, then, just log in with the same iCloud account on iOS and the same profiles in different third-party apps.

WhatsApp chat

There is no way to get WhatsApp conversations (as well as WhatsApp Business) without the help of a complete iPhone backup or a limited backup made with WhatsApp. This is because conversations, including text messages and voice notes, are saved directly in the phone memory.

If you have restarted the iPhone and are not planning to restore a full backup. I suggest you try to reinstall WhatsApp to see if you can only restore WhatsApp backup.

As for the photos, videos, and files posted on WhatsApp, however, you can check out the procedures above to get deleted texts back on iphone. This, unless you have decided (in the past) to disable automatic download of WhatsApp media.

iPhone data recovery is based on status

The only way to get data directly from a broken or inaccessible iPhone. But unlocked, is to use software that tries to retrieve data directly from the internal memory, such as Dr. Fone or Stellar.

All you need to do is install the program on your computer and connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using a USB / Lightning cable. Making sure it is well known. After that, launch dr. fone, select iPhone storage, and click Start.

After that, you will see a list of files and documents, sorted by type. Select the ones to send and click the Restore option.

If, on the other hand, the iPhone is turned off or otherwise inaccessible. It is possible to try a different solution, for sure these are suggestions that can give very different results.

Wet iPhone or fallen into the water

If your iPhone is thrown into saltwater, it is almost certain that the data will be lost forever. Unless you contact specialized companies, who will disassemble the internal memory and try to recover it. This is because salt touches the smallest metal layers of the motherboard, mixing them chemically irregularly.

On the other hand, if the iPhone has fallen (for a while) into new waters, you may still hope to turn it on again. But you will have to hurry. And above all, you must not submit to it, for whatever reason, in the heat stress: therefore. Keep the hairdryer away, or you may risk cooking battery and interior. Remove the SIM and any accessories (headphones, covers, stickers, etc.) and use a vacuum cleaner to dry. You can also help yourself with a vacuum cleaner (which will gently absorb water) or with a hairdryer set in cold air. Be very careful, as the latter can push deeper water.

After that, soak the phone for a few hours in a layer of at least two fingers of rice (green, of course), which completely surrounds it; Rice, in fact, has hygroscopic properties, and it often steals moisture.

These tips to get back data from Wet iPhone or fallen into the water, which is for informational purposes only and may not work in all cases, should help you find your iPhone and, with it, it is content. Also, learn what to do if the iPhone falls into the water with some solutions.

If the iPhone is broken and will not open

If the iPhone no longer responds by pressing the power button, there are two options:

  • First contacting a third-party repair service, clearly states that you intend to return the information; in case the cell phone can be repaired, e.g. because you have already replaced the battery. It will be returned to you in operation and your data is there;
  • If, on the other hand, the iPhone is still under warranty, the only way you can lose contact with the Apple facility. But this puts you at real risk of losing data completely or, even having the new device restored to you if Apple finds that the damage was caused by a production feature.

In case you decide to go to the Apple center, I suggest you check to see if your iPhone is still under warranty.

If the iPhone is lost

If you have lost your iPhone, run to find it, as I have advised you to do in the guide on how to recover a lost iPhone.

Remote data recovery is not possible, there is no doubt about it. However, on iCloud, you will find everything automatically saved, as I have already shown above.

Receiving data from an old iPhone

If you are facing an old iPhone that is still unlocked. You can try to get the details by simply connecting it to a PC with iTunes installed, treating it like a standard iPhone.

In case the link doesn’t work, consider installing an older version of iTunes, and try again. To perform this installation, however, you will need to uninstall the current version of iTunes, with all possible compliance issues that may arise.

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