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How to increase Easypaisa account limit (100% Working Methods)

by Marketgit Team

EasyPaisa is a commonly used online mobile wallet that is used to transfer/receive payments within Pakistan. This is also a famous money transfer platform in Pakistan. Initially, EasyPaisa offers a limited amount but later, you can upgrade EasyPaisa account.

As I described in the previous paragraph, EasyPaisa offers a Level 1 account when you create an EasyPaisa account. To increase the EasyPaisa limit, you have to upgrade it from Level 1 to level 2 then you will be able to transfer more than 25,000 PKR daily.

So, EasyPaisa allows the accounts into levels, there are basically two levels in which you can transfer the amount according to the account level:

  • EasyPaisa Account Level 1 (Semi-verified)
  • EasyPaisa Account Level 2 (Verified).

Let me explain these two levels in detail:

 EasyPaisa account level 1: You can send and receive 25,000 PKR daily, 50,000 PKR monthly, and 200,000 PKR yearly. According to new updates, you can say that “Semi-verified Account”.

EasyPaisa allows at Level 2 or “Verified Account”: It allows to send and receive 50,000 PKR daily, 200,000 PKR monthly, and 1,200,000 yearly.

How to Check Sending/Receiving daily Limit in EasyPaisa

It is easy to check the daily sending and receiving in EasyPaisa, just follow these steps then you will see the sending and receiving limit:

  • Open the EasyPasia app
  • Enter the Password
  • Click on “My Account
  • Then “Account information
  • Scroll down and see the limit.


Open your EasyPasia app on your mobile phone and enter your password. You have to go to “My Account” then click on “Account Information“. There, you will find a daily sending and receiving limit.

How to Check Sending and Receiving daily Limit in EasyPaisa

How to Check Sending and Receiving daily Limit in EasyPaisa

When you create an EasyPaisa account for the first time on your mobile by downloading the Easy Paisa App from the Playstore, account level 1 will be set as default. So you can receive/transfer a limited amount from your EasyPaisa account to other accounts.

Image via limited amount from my EasyPaisa account

Furthur more, you can check all the details related to your EasyPaisa account such as IBAN, EasyPaisa account level, current balance, daily, monthly and annual limits for EasyPaisa mobile account wallet.

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How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit

To extend your EasyPay wallet, go to your nearest Telenor’s official franchise with an original ID card. After verifying your identity with biometric verification, your EasyPaisa wallet limit will be increased. Be sure to provide all accurate information.

How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit

How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit

Additionally, you can link your EasyPaisa wallet to your Telenor Microfinance Bank. You must have a Telenor Microfinance Bank account before taking this step. You must go to the nearest Telenor Microfinance Bank and provide all the correct information about your identity and income. Make sure you provide the following information:

  • Original CNIC
  • Source of Income
  • Copy of latest Electricity Bill
link your EasyPaisa wallet with your Telenor Microfinance bank

link your EasyPaisa wallet with your Telenor Microfinance bank

After verifying, the officials will create an account that you can link with your EasyPaisa wallet.

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Hopefully now, you will be able to know that how to increase the limit of EasyPaisa Wallet. Recently, I created my EasyPaisa Wallet account and increased the limit with the help of the above-mentioned methods. If you have any questions about the content, you can ask through the comment box.

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