Five Simple Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Five Simple Ways To Lose Weight Fast


Health and lifestyle have been among the most trending discussions everywhere. Losing weight might be a personal decision or a recommendation by your doctor. This article is for you if you are looking for simple ways to lose weight fast.

It is normally easier to gain weight than to lose it. This is clear from personal experiences given, research paper studies, and more sources. Before you begin your weight loss journey, therefore, you should track what boosts the weight gain.

Ways to lose weight fast

It is possible to shed that weight and stay healthy using simple routine. Let us review five tried and proven ways to lose weight simply and fast.

1.     Avoid calories intake

Food that contains fats and calories highly contributes to weight gain. Track the food you consume in a week, and identify your main source of calories. Plan to reduce your intake of calories, especially empty calories.

Empty calories mainly come from foods with added fats or sugars. Such foods contain empty calories which have little or no value to your body. They include sweetened beverages, baked products, fried foods, processed meat, and alcoholic drinks.

Replace these foods with a lot of fruits and vegetables, while also avoiding too many snacks. At least half of your plate should contain non-starchy vegetables and small amounts of lean proteins. Your meal should be accompanied by plenty of fruits and clean drinking water.

You do not need to keep counting calories each time. By simply maintaining a low intake of carbohydrates, your calories are reduced. Take more low-card vegetables such as broccoli and cucumber.

2.     Use a smaller plate

You can eat healthy foods and still gain weight if you are consuming a lot of them. Control the portions of food you eat as it helps to reduce weight fast. Serve less food at home and pack half of your food when eating out.

Get smaller bowls, cups, and plates for your meals. When you feel full, it is not necessary to add accompaniments such as dessert. Ensure you are eating small quantities of a balanced diet, for your body to get all nutrients and minerals it requires.

Ensure you take enough proteins to maintain good muscle mass during weight loss. Proteins also help to ensure that your health is intact as you reduce food intake and weight. You will also remain full for much longer when you take enough proteins.

Preferably, have more proteins in your breakfast meal compared to other meals. These proteins will remain in your body much longer, and keep you from eating unhealthy snacks.

3.     Take healthy fats

Include healthy fats in your weight loss diet as they are important for your body. You can add avocado oil, coconut oil, or other types of healthy oil to your meal plan. Butter and Coconut oil should however be taken in small quantities as they contain high-fat content.

If you read the product description of most oil or butter products, the fat concentration is indicated. Your source of fat must therefore be healthy. You should also avoid fried foods to keep unhealthy fat from the body.

4.     Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates

Cutting back on carbohydrates and starches will help you lose weight quickly. Your hunger levels reduce when you reduce sugar, starches, or carbohydrates. You can replace refined carbohydrates with whole grains.

Low carbohydrates intake allows your body to burn stored fat for use as energy. Whole grains on the other hand give your body higher fiber and are digested more slowly. This helps to keep you satisfied for a longer time, reducing your urge to eat something often.

5.     Exercise your body

Most people assume that any form of exercising helps in weight loss. There are different kinds of exercises, and they help to achieve different results. Weight lifting is particularly helpful if you want to lose weight quickly.

Your body will lose many calories each time you lift heavyweight. This form of exercising also helps to maintain your body’s metabolism from becoming slower. As a beginner in exercising, you may need to get a fitness coach to guide you in the right way.

You cannot visit the gym for weight loss season and quit. Effective exercising requires consistency and routine. Exercise at least two to four times a week, and go for exercises that you can comfortably do.

You do not have to lift heavy weights to lose weight. Other effective exercise routines include swimming, jogging, running, walking, and swimming. You can also consult your doctor on suitable exercise routines for you.

Final remarks

Losing weight is a journey that does not happen overnight. It will take discipline in meal plans, food intake, and exercises to lose weight fast. Follow these steps and you will achieve the weight you desire.

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