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How to Increase TikTok Followers in 2022

by Marketgit Team

TikTok is very popular, and in August 2020, it became the download leader for Apple and Google app stores.

There are already over 2 billion downloads worldwide and over 800 million active users per month!

With more people accessing the platform, making content, and earning money, TikTok becomes a diamond mine, ready to test smart products, seeking to build lasting relationships with their fans and customers.

The social network of short videos has already become one of the major marketing channels for brands.

If you also want to take full advantage of this forum to grow your business, we will give you some great tips on how to pump your videos and get followers on TikTok.

1. Create original content

Okay, TikTok has a lot of dance, captions on some videos, and sounds and challenges, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the real thing.

You may be inspired by other videos, but always try to put your face, your vision, your style! Being real you are more likely to be infected. By copying some ideas you will become one of the crowd.

Be real in the middle of your forums too. There is no reuse of videos from Instagram and Facebook on TikTok. It has a different audience, a different structure, different ways of communicating.

TikTok videos need to be as original as possible, taking into account the details of the speaker and the audience.

2. Propose challenges for gaining followers on TikTok

Challenges (or challenges if you prefer to speak English) are very popular and important for the network and users. You can get TikTok real followers by Tikdroid. Just get this chance and you will see that how easy it is to buy tiktok followers here.

But let’s summarize here:

TikTok challenges are suggestions initiated by users on the platform to encourage the public to create videos on a specific topic or direction, which are often identified with a hashtag.

A challenge may require you to tell a story (e.g. #historiasdetiktok), share tips (e.g. #secuida), participate in a campaign (e.g. #agostolaranja), make a joke (eg .: #lookolhosvendados), and a few other challenges.

If you access the “found” tab you will find a few hashtags and challenges there. Everyone loves to see and reproduce the challenges that arise, so, anyone who finds a video in this category gets a lot of views and likes TikTok.

Creating your own version of an existing challenge – or creating your own – is one of the best ways to get involved, gain followers, likes, and views.

3. Partners with digital influences

Influential marketing is one of the strengths of TikTok.

As this social network allows you to create content in a simple way, more and more people end up getting into it and becoming known. And brands, of course, can join this wave.

And you do not have to deal with television celebrities. You can bet on micro-influencers, regional or local users.

4. Promote and share UGC (User Generated Content)

It is important to keep the radar open to see what people are saying about the product and, above all, to talk about, promote and share user-generated content.

Two fashion brands that do very well are Riachuelo and Amaro. Companies are developing content created by other users and celebrities in order to improve their profiles and create connections.

5. Use important hashtags for your videos

We’ve talked about challenges before and you’ve seen them come up with hashtags, haven’t you?

They are very important, as they are a great way to organize themes and challenges on the platform. Want to find something specific on TikTok? Just enter a hashtag!

So, knowing how to use it, considering those related to your niche and, in particular, those that are growing, can earn you a lot of new followers.

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6. Keep publishing frequency

You want to gain followers on TikTok, right? Therefore, keep the frequency in publication, so that the forum identifies you as an active user and starts showing your videos to other people who do not follow your profile.

Keeping frequency helps to show the TikTok algorithm is important and shows your product more often to new users.

7. Invest in ads

As with any social network, you can also advertise on TikTok and increase access to your publications, gaining more followers.

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