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Gift for Dog Lovers AsobuBottle.com

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Gift for dog lovers AsobuBottle.com is the latest and special gift for dog lovers, this gift is not only for pet lovers but it takes place for everyone including dog lovers and owners.

This ravishing product is released in china and they are inspired by Japanese culture. Asobu carries wonderful meanings like playful nature and fun. Its design is simple and charming to see. Its brand color is orange.

What is asobuBottle.com?

 AsobuBottle.com is the best gift for dog lovers to show their love for their pets. This simply designed water bottle has a bowl for dog food, where their food remains fresh for hours.

 And the water bottle keeps the water cool. The asobu dog bowl is attached to stainless steel insulated travel bottle for a human 33-ounce. This product is having a lifetime warranty, easy to shop, easy to return, and has free shipping at almost $50.

How does it look?

It looks spotless from the outside and is designed quite elegantly. Gift for dog lovers AsobuBottle.com made sure that the bottom is anti-slip and has an easy grip to handle it.

Gift for Dog Lovers asobuBottle.com
Gift for Dog Lovers asobuBottle.com

You can carry it while walking or can carry it where ever you go. It’s perfect for holding it and going with your dog everywhere. It is vacuum insulated and keeps water cool as it was. It has quite a convenient size to carry just 33 ounces.

Its shape is designed uniquely having a bowl attached to its side to keep food in it, which keeps your dog hydrated and safe.

 Also, it is made with high-quality materials free of any harmful plastic which keeps your dog safe and healthy while using this product.

 Its bowl is also prepared with food-grade silicone. AaobuBottle is also washable, you can wash and clean it after every use.

What color does it have??

Orange color presents this brand but the bottles are having different type of vibrant and fade-proof colors that looks attractive from the outside. AsobuBottle.com has a different fan base due to its charming and pristine shape. You can have some of the below colors to present to dog lovers.

  • Black
  • Aqua pink
  • Blue
  • Midnight Marble
  • Mint green
  • Pink
  • Smoke
  • White
  • Wood

Small size?

Some of the people who ask about the size of this bottle that is available in small size?  But you can buy small sizes only in other varieties. Asobu urban bottles have a small size, they also provide the best presents for dog lovers and owners.

Area of manufacturing

This product is released and manufactured in china. This company has raised itself by its amazing product quality which attracts its buyers itself. This has a captivating look that develops an intense interest in its fan.

Reviews about AsobuBottle.com

Meanwhile, this is the perfect gift for dog lovers. No doubt asobuBottle.com have been got extravagant admiration from its customers. Amazon has a commendatory rating of 4.7 out of 5.

 Most dog lovers and owners admire that this bottle is gleaming and strapping as well. It has a long strap to carry it easily with you. But most people say it’s too heavy when it is filled having 33 ounces weight.

Dog lovers and owners love to buy and have a meaningful review that it is a substantial product to bring along yourself where ever you go or everywhere.

Where to get it?

Asobu bottle is easily available on AsobuBottle.com. you can buy it from here at very durable prices. This product is currently selling for $34.99. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling this Asobu Bottle is $29.99 with free shipping around the world and having easy returns if any claims out there.

Dog owners and dog lovers believe that it is the perfect gift ever to present the dog lovers and also they highly recommend it with strong feedback after using it.


If you have a dog lover from around your friend’s circle, and you want to present them, then surprisingly gift them with an asobu water bottle. This Asobu water bottle is innovative and stylishly comes with a detachable which holds water and remains cool for hours and also keeps your dog hydrated.

Its vacuum design means that even how long your walk would be, the water inside it will stay cold. So what are you waiting for? Go to AsobuBottle.com and place your order to buy this amazing gift for your loved one who is a dog lover. You can also get it from frAmazon.com.

FAQ about AsobuBottle.com

What is the AsobuBottle?

The AsobuBottle is a unique gift for dog lovers. It is a water bottle that is specially designed for dogs. The AsobuBottle is BPA free, dishwasher safe and leak proof. It also has a screw-on top that makes it easy to fill.

Does AsobuBottle.com only sell dog related products?

No, you can also find products related to cats and more on this website. The team is passionate about creating unique and special gifts for dog lovers. They have a wide range of products that are sure to please everyone.

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