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How To Recover WhatsApp Chat History and Media Files

by Marketgit Team

WhatsApp is the best way of fast communication in today’s world. Daily, we communicate with friends, family, partners, and work colleagues, through the exchange of messages, photos, videos, and audio, but also through real phone calls and video calls. In short, it is an apparently simple app which, however, contains a conspicuous and important part of our life. What would happen if we accidentally delete it? What would have happened with your photos, multimedia, and chats? If you have ever deleted your WhatsApp accidentally then don’t worry, not all of your data would b lost – Recover WhatsApp Chat History

In this article, I am going to explore that how to recover WhatsApp messages deleted by mistake, but also photos, videos, and audio shared in chats.

What happen

It is very common to delete an application by mistake. It could be the case when you see similar icons and you delete them in the hustle. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram are very similar to WhatsApp but, unlike it works on the server-side in encrypted mode.

With WhatsApp, however, things start to get more complicated. When you delete your WhatsApp account, your data does not go anywhere. It means that your data remains safe and even people can send you the text and multimedia to. But you can only receive these messages to read if you again reinstall WhatsApp to your phone. This is certainly a positive aspect, but unfortunately the only one: everything else is eliminated and the risk is that of not being able to recover this data.

Let’s discuss further that what can be done to restore WhatsApp deleted by mistake.

Database recovery

The first thing to recover your WhatsApp data is to re-install the application and try to access it using the same phone number that you entered at the time of creating a new account.  After that, you will be asked if you want to recover an existing WhatsApp backup.

If you type ‘YES’, It will take a few minutes and WhatsApp data will be restored as the last database backup was made, whether it’s a day, a few weeks, or months and months ago. All messages sent and received after the backup will be practically impossible to get back.

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Restore WhatsApp Data on iPhone

The process is a little bit different in iPhone and Android. First I talk about the iPhone, what you need to do to restore accidentally deleted WhatsApp from iPhone:

Go to the App Store

Type ‘WhatsApp’ in the search bar download it again, by first tapping on ‘Get’ and then on ‘Install’.

Open the WhatsApp application and continue with initial steps: after accepting the terms of use of the service, add your phone number and wait for it to be verified;

After verifying the phone number, you will be asked if you want to restore an existing WhatsApp backup  (if any); press the ‘OK’ and wait a few minutes, your data will be restored on iPhone.

Restore WhatsApp Data on Android

The process is not very much different to recover WhatsApp data on Android and iPhone. Here’s what you need to do to restore WhatsApp that was accidentally removed from a smartphone running Android:

Go to the Google Play Store

Search for WhatsApp and download it again, by tapping on ‘install’.

Open WhatsApp and proceed with the initial configuration of the app: after accepting the conditions of use of the service, indicate your phone number and wait for it to be verified;

At this point, you will be asked if you want to restore an existing backup (if any); give the ok and proceed following the indications.

Final Words

If you want to save your WhatsApp chatting and multimedia, it is a good idea to enable the automatic backup of WhatsApp, precisely on the cloud network on Google Drive for Android or on iCloud for iPhone.

The database will thus be saved daily, weekly or monthly (depending on the choice made) not only to your internal memory but also on your Google account or on iCloud.

If you have removed a WhatsApp message by mistake from the chat history or when you get the error ” Cannot find the file ” when you try to download a media/document, and want to retrieve  specific WhatsApp message you could act in different ways.

Then try to follow these steps

  • Ask the sender to resend that particular chat or media again.
  • If the sender is not willing to resend the data, then restore a backup of the previous day.
  • If both above tips do not come true then search for the file in the gallery, in the archive, or on the cloud network.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got something special. If you are still facing any issues to recover deleted WhatsApp data, then ask in the comment section below.

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