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Instagram branding and why you need to do it 

by Victor

If you are planning or ever wanted to create a brand for yourself or a brand for your business in today’s day and age, Instagram is the place to do so. With its vast user base, a wide range of features, and constant updates, it is the perfect place to build a brand.

And if you’re new to branding on Instagram, we can help you out, however, things may not appear to be so smooth from the start, but it does get a lot easier once you know a couple of hacks. There’s always an expectation to learn and adapt, and the ideal decisions aren’t clear all the time. So to assist you with getting your brand or business name out there, here’s our take on Instagram branding 

Firstly you need to make sure that Instagram fits in naturally into your general branding and business technique, and you are not just doing it for the sake of it. When your clients land on your account, they need to quickly understand what your brand is and what your brand stands for

When you put out content on Instagram with a distinct voice, perspective, and style, you’ll have the upper hand in brand recognition and work on your discoverability.

As we talked about before, Instagram branding can look a bit intriguing, but it does have its benefits, so let us talk a little about them

Instagram branding

1.User-generated content

UGC is basically free content; when you think about it, there is no creation in the process; you just have to curate and schedule it for posting; for those who don’t know, UGC is basically content created by other people about your niche or product or services. When you come across the range that resonates with your brand that has the same image you want to put out into the market, you curate it into your account; this could mean a repost, a testimonial, a review

2.A sense of community

Instagram is one of the best platforms to build a community; although it has tons of competition, it is also the perfect place to find your target audience and then proceed from there. In today’s digital climate, the only way to build a reputation as a brand is if you have a constant following: people who trust your brand and your products. When you put yourself out, there is a lot more chance you find like-minded people and help build a business. 

3.Lead Generation 

The whole point of social media marketing is converting followers into leads; leads are potential clients who express revenue in your organization and give data that advertisers can use to reevaluate.

80% of dynamic Instagram users agree that the platform plays a role in their decision-making process. This basically means that almost every client has a most loved blogger whose suggestions they follow.

About 70% of US brands say that they utilize this stage for their business objectives, implying that producing leads on Instagram merits the work.

4.Free content marketing

Content marketing in the present age has grown at an exponential rate. If you are looking to make a jump and get started in content marketing, Instagram appears to be the obvious 1st choice with its large user base and fantastic features that allow one to engage with their followers and the best part it’s free!

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Strategies to help with your Instagram branding

Strategies to help with your Instagram branding

1.Business Account

A Business Instagram account – particularly a verified business Instagram account – is a sign that your business is trustworthy, genuine, and straightforward.

Instagram insights in a business account give away analytics and performance statistics for the typical Instagram user.

This permits you to realize how well your content is performing

2. Consistent posting

Posting Quality content consistently is a gamechanger, and this will help you in the long run 

3.Influencer marketing

Partnering up with influencers who align with your brand identity can help tremendously; them being able to spread the word about the brand increase the chances of your brand reaching the right audience


Engagement is very important when it comes to creating a brand identity; your followers need to be shown that their queries and opinions are being heard and taken care off

5..Understand your audience

Perhaps the simplest way to do this is to characterize your crowd by making a persona. A persona is an imaginary person that addresses the critical characteristics of your optimal client and assists you with better grasping their requirements, objectives, and inspirations. And afterwards, continue to post content in connection with it.


Creating a brand identity is hard work, and especially on a platform like Instagram, you will have to keep updating your strategies according to trends and patterns. Also, you need to make sure your brand identity remains the same across all platforms and optimize your profile so it looks professional and updated.

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