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Is numerology a form of divination?

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 In the early twentieth century, fortune telling booths lined city streets. Fortune tellers sat behind small desks with a slanted glass surface on which they presented their clients with fortune cards or runes to read by the fortune teller’s mystic methods of divination.

 Most fortune-tellers ply their trade for money, but some do it just for fun. Madame Clairvoyant , a fortune-teller from the early twentieth century, was a fortune telling booth that sat along a city street and provided her services for free to those who could not afford fortune tellers.

 Fortune tellers use different methods of divination depending upon their focus and location in the world, but most fortune tellers use a few common methods to tell fortune.

Tarot card reading is a fortune-telling method in which fortune tellers read cards marked with different symbols and numbers called the Tarot . The fortune teller places these cards out on a table or slanted surface so that all of the symbols are visible to them, but not necessarily to their clients.

Then, the fortune teller stares deeply into the arrangement of symbols and begins to describe their client’s past, present, or future life.

 Reading the fortune cards is only one fortune telling method, however. Also common are methods that fortune tellers use by studying a person’s handwriting .

Handwriting analysis , known in popular culture as handwriting fortune telling, is the fortune teller’s method of judging a person’s fortune by looking at samples of their handwriting.

Fortune tellers study the slant, pressure, style, size, shape, and line type of letters to judge the fortune of their client.

 Some fortune tellers also use astrology to determine your fortune. Astrology is fortune telling in which fortune tellers examine the alignment of the stars and planets, otherwise known as astrology , to determine information about their client’s life.

How fortune tellers learn this information varies depending upon the fortune teller’s location, style of fortune telling, resources, or preferences.

 Additionally, fortune tellers use numerology to tell fortune. Numerology is fortune telling in which fortune tellers use the symbolic meaning of the numbers one through nine and how these symbols represent people, ideas, or events to determine their fortune.

In some fortune-telling practices, especially those based more on tradition than empirical observation or logical reasoning, fortune tellers believe that a person’s fortune is determined by an infinite number of factors, such as the alignment of the stars and fortune telling.

While fortune tellers use methods that may be considered pseudo scientific by the modern standard, fortune telling can be fun and entertaining if it is done for entertainment and leisure purposes.

The fortune teller’s fortune will not come true, but fortune telling still entertains a person in the way that magic tricks entertain an audience.

Perhaps fortune-telling booths had some success during their time on city streets, but fortune tellers would probably have more success if they used modern technology to promote their fortune telling.

Not everyone has the ability or desire to stop at a fortune-teller’s booth on their way home from work, but anyone can visit fortune telling websites online.

If fortune tellers want to promote their fortune telling business, fortune tellers should consider how they can use technology to promote fortune-telling. 

Article body: fortune-telling booths exist in modern society, but fortune tellers still have not addressed the cultural shift which has taken place between then and now.

Not many people are interested in telling fortune by staring into a crystal ball or studying the symbols on Tarot cards these days, so it might be best for fortune tellers to use modern technology to promote fortune telling.

People are much more likely to visit fortune tellers online than they are to stop by fortune-telling booths on their way home from work, so fortune telling websites should be at the top of fortune tellers’ marketing lists.

With enough effort and study, fortune tellers can use fortune teller websites to learn which fortune telling methods are most effective.

Then fortune tellers can determine the fortune-telling style that seems to generate the most profit and focus on marketing that fortune-telling style.

Instead of trying to attract people with traditional fortune telling booths, fortune tellers should invest their time in fortune teller websites that offer fortune telling methods that are more likely to be popular.

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