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Jiosaavn Pro APK Download v8.12.1 (Latest Version 2022)

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Jiosaavn pro apk download is available on the Play Store now. Music is the means to refresh your brain. As research shows that if you feel stress, anxiety and facing any uneasy thing that continuously disturbs your mind then music will play the role of medicine.

 Good music will refresh your mind. Music is the best source of reducing tension and blood pressure and makes you feel better. There are many apps and websites available over the internet that keeps you entertain with the latest music one of the apps we are going to mention here is “Jiosaavn”.


Jiosaavn is an Indian music streaming platform that has a vast variety of music in different languages. It was founded in 2007 by reliance industry limited. It has a vast music library with millions of soundtracks. Including nostalgia for the latest songs.

If you are an Asian song lover then here is the Jiosaavan pro apk download with all its advantages and features.

What Jiosaavn pro apk has?

Jiosaavn is an unlimited music library where you can listen to songs, radio, and podcasts.  You can find music in different languages like Hindi, English, and Urdu. Apart from these, you can listen to nearly the music in all Indian languages. It is the best app for Asian music.

Features of jiosaavn pro apk:

Unlimited download:

With a huge library of music in different languages, the jiosaavn pro apk download gamestoremobi also offers an unlimited download facility with the premium subscription you can download your favorite music for listening offline.

No ads:

Ads are a disturbing thing. Some people get irritated with ad promotion. Jiosaavn pro apk download new version with a premium subscription does not shows any ad.


You can access the jiosaavn music library on five different devices with the same login. This is one of the nice features of jiosaavn app.

High quality music:

Everybody loves the movie, videos, and music too in high quality. Jiosaavn latest version offers HD quality music. It ranges from low to high quality.

Low cost:

Jiosaavn app offers its services at a very low price. The minimum package starts from only 99. jiosaavn offers original music content at a low price.

Jiosaavn MOD apk:

Jiosaavn mod apk is an application for android devices.  This app will provide you with the free membership of jiosaavn app. You can avail of it without signing up for an account. Its means it is free to use. No, don’t need to pay for it.

Availability of podcast and radio:

The jiosaavn pro is not just for the music it has some other services. You can also listen to your favorite podcast with different categories like business, arts, book, fashion, and food. Apart from that, there are also different Indian radio channels available.

How to create jiosaavn account?

Well, the Jiosaavn app allows its users to create an account for free to access all new and old features. So follow the instructions below to create an account on Jiosaavn app:

How to create an account on Jiosaavn app?
How to create an account on Jiosaavn app?
  • Open Jiosaavn official website
  • Click on the Signup button (you will see an option on the top=right corner)
  • Simply enter your email and password. Retype your password then
  • Tick the google ReCaptcha and press the Continue button

If you see the signup options under the registration form, you will realize that it allows creating an account by Facebook account or by Mobile number.

Jiosaavn pro student’s plan:

Jiosaavn pro student’s plan
Jiosaavn pro student’s plan

If you are a student then you must think that is there any plan jiosaavn have for the students? You will be happy to know that yes it has. But for that, there are certain conditions that you must be a student of a bachelor’s degree, postgraduate or enrolled in university for higher education. The jiosaavn app donwloader monthly plan discounts monthly and yearly up to 48 months.

How to buy a student jiosaavn pro plan:

For applying for the student’s jiosaavn plan you must follow these steps:

  • Open jiosaavn app on your device.
  • On top right side there will be a go pro or renew button
  • After that choose jiosaavn pro student and verify the eligibility criteria.
  • Then you will be landed on the UNidays website page to verify your enrollment there. After verification, you will be redirected to jiosaavn app.
  • Now you are able to avail the student plan discount offer.
  • Remember that this student plan is only for Indian students who studied in India.

Alternative of jiosaavn pro app:

Jiosaavn is the best song provider. Including the latest to old songs. The best alternative to the jiosaavn app is:

  1. Pandora (that is free to use).
  2. Download Any song
  3. Music sense
  4. Mundu radio
  5. India FM

TuneCore for you:

If you are a good singer and want to share your own songs with others then jiosaavn is for you. With the TuneCore feature, you can upload your song or album on jiosaavn pro. It is a great feature for you to make money. You can keep 100% of the revenue.

You can simply signup for a TuneCore for uploading your own music.

Final thoughts:

Jiosaavn pro apk download is for Asian music lovers. The vast music library along with podcast and radio channels. Jiosaavn is also the platform for a new singer to share their own voice songs.

FAQ About Jiosaavn Pro APK Download

       Is there any cost for TuneCore?

   Is there any cost for TuneCore?

The TuneCore price for single song is 9$ and for more than one it will be 29$.

What are the monthly subscription charges on jiosaavn?

The monthly charges are 99 INR.

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