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Must-Haves for a Great VR Experience: Oculus Quest 2

by Marketgit Team

Without virtual reality, would video streaming really be as cool as it is today? In this article, we learn about how to buy the right accessories for your Oculus Quest 2 and improve your experience. We also go into what you should consider when choosing a Quest 2 lens.

What are the best quests for quest 2?

When you purchase the Quest 2, here are a few things that they recommend you to be sure to have before you start your game:

1. An external hard drive (500 GB is recommended) with free space for SteamVR games and apps

2. A gameplay sensor, preferably a depth-sensing model

3. VR bases or stands to place the headset on

4. The Quest 2 controllers

5. Optional gaming headset*

6. Base stations*

 What makes a great experience for the Oculus Quest 2? For starters, your quest should be immersive. Think about what you would want to do if you had one of your own and make it happen in virtual reality! If you want to experience something deep down in VR, choose some unique game modes like the Coliseum or Feeding Frenzy – the first-person zombie survival shooter. The best quests for Oculus Quest 2 will be ones that are more focused on combat and games than other forces trying to keep people from experiencing VR with you.

What must-have accessories should you get with the oculus quest?

The Oculus Quest 2 is an upgrade to the original oculus quest that delivers more immersive experiences with its new social features, slimmer build, and expanded battery life. There are currently a limited number of accessories that can be used with the oculus quest version 2, which is why your must-have must-haves include earbuds and a compatible VR headset or computer system.

Which oculus go lenses work best with the oculus quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 is an incredibly powerful virtual reality headset with a crisp display and compatibility with all leading virtual reality platforms – the only issue being that your PC needs to stay up-to-speed with cutting-edge technology. Finally, the Oculus Quest 2 fundamentally keeps up on performance with the original Oculus Rift. There are a few differences, in terms of lense precision, frame rates, and motion controller tracking performance. But overall, it’s great if you already use Oculus headsets and enjoy top-class VR experiences like Fallout and Skyrim

How to provide your clients with a fully immersive virtual experience with your quest

Vr headsets give room for major hurdles, with only some sites having a real chance of success. Although many people would think that the presence of this obstacle is enough to stop them from using VR, it’s all about being able to create deals. If you are ready to invest in 360 video production or VR experiences in general, you can do so on the features of your headset through low-persistence displays and high-quality sound.

What to do after you got your Oculus Quest and lenses: tips, tricks & guides

When you got your Oculus Quest 2, make sure to charge it to full capacity and note that you need kind of intensive headphones. You don’t want regular wired headphones, as they might not work with the Oculus’s inside-out tracking system. After you’ve charged the headset and connected the headphones with a mobile phone or tablet, put on your headset and enjoy!


With the release of the Oculus Quest 2, it is easy to see that three pods specifically designed for virtual reality stand out. The HTC Powerhouse, the PlayStation VR and even Oculus VR have tried to create a more seamless experience in between monitoring your space to ensure you are getting the best possible hold. Ultimately, with each company’s design, they push boundaries while they keep the quality of gaming at a high standard.

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