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Sorting Words and Sampling Your Brain Workout

by Marketgit Team

This article offers a fresh way to get a touch of exercise with the words you use most frequently on your website or blog. You can either choose any word that is the most used for you or turn one of your least favourites into a word magnet by randomly sampling it over and over again until it’s been displayed in beautifully-organized power words.

What is a word scramble?

A word scramble is known as a type of brain teaser in which letters are substituted for words. The idea is that it will help people read faster, remember more vocabulary and connect new learning with future goals. A word scramble has been defined as, “A type of puzzle that tests your writing comprehension skills.” They can be difficult because they keep changing to keep you on your toes. 

A word scramble is often a way to practice your vocabulary without having to actually name new words. You take a word, like ‘key,’ and you scramble the letters to form other words. A good word scramble is typically made up of four or five words instead of one because it’s easier for children to match those patterns with the brain’s most used neurons.

Other games that use word scrambles

There are many games that do this but I recommend a word scramble called Word Connect, BrainBobs, or Mad Gab where you can play with friends. Another type of game is a word search or crossword puzzle – use these for a workout and work your brain! There are many games that can be played with word scrambles. One is called Word Sorter, and it’s designed more for younger children. The object of the game is to carefully match colored tiles around the circumference of a wheel grid in order to clear the grid. Another game is a variation on Hangman, where users need to make sense of a scrambled version of an existing word before uncovering the real one while ranking against their friends or all players online.

How to play with word scramble solvers

This is a product that will make your kids, classrooms and employees happy. Word templates are provided so that kids can learn and practice their reading skills as well as increase memory retention and cognitive skills. Utilizing word solvers as a powerful tool is an exciting and different way to expand the mind. With these tools, you can help diagnose vocabulary weaknesses, solidify a better understanding of tricky concepts, and develop fluency in new areas of study. They are also good for keeping your brain engaged.


A word solver is a great tool that you can use to help you solve word scrambles. There are many different word scramble solvers available online, but this one is easy to navigate. Most of the time it will automatically find the words which you’re looking for. You can also take turns with your friends or family members trying to break the code together. It’s also a great tool to have if you’re having trouble finding words in a specific category.

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