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Oxyhelp Hyperbaric Chamber: The safest and easy-to-use hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Device

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Have you ever imagined that there is a single solution that has the potential to prevent a wide range of health problems and even function as a therapy to enhance your brain’s performance, focus and attention level, maintain your beauty and skin? This solution is effective and, more importantly, completely natural and conducted through processes that naturally occur in your body: Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the answer.

Overview of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

The term hyperbaric literally means higher pressure (hyper means over, above, or beyond; baric means or concerned with weight, especially that of the atmosphere as indicated by barometric pressure).

HBOT is a method that involves offering the cells and the tissues in the body an increased amount of oxygen under increased pressure. This increase in the oxygen volume promotes the blood flow throughout all the structures of the body, which results in intensifying the natural processes of regeneration that occur within all the organs (heart, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys etc). More than that, an increased amount of oxygen results in more nutrients for the structures of the human organism, which translates into better functions that promote healing and prevention of illness.

The increased atmospheric pressure also increases the amount of oxygen in blood plasma, which has greater bioavailability to the tissues than does oxygen in hemoglobin. Breathing or exposing parts of the body to pure oxygen alone does not constitute HBO2 therapy; the oxygen must be received via inhalation within a pressurized chamber, typically pressurized to 1.4 ATA or higher.

HBO2 therapy can be delivered in one of three chamber types: high-pressure multiplace, high-pressure monoplace, or low-pressure monoplace. The most commonly used of these are the high-pressure chambers, which are designed to hold either one person (ie, monoplace) or multiple people (ie, multiplace) at one time.

In monoplace chambers, the entire chamber is pressurized with air for safety reasons and connected to outside concentrators which can deliver oxygen at up to 95% purity, a single user breathes the oxygenated air directly, same as in multiplace chambers, several people sit within a chamber that is pressurized with compressed air and breathe pure oxygen via tightly fastened masks, hoods, or endotracheal tubes.

Most chambers are designed to operate at a pressure in the range of 1.0 to 2.0 ATA. Newer low-pressure monoplace chambers operate in the 1.2 to 1.3 ATA pressure range but aidies have shown that they have no real utility or give you some real benefits.

These chambers are more frequently used in homes, spas and wellness centers, and are also employed to improve postoperative recovery from plastic surgery. Low-pressure monoplace chambers tend to be attractive in situations that require portability, lower cost, and increased availability.

History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has been described as a new application of an older, more established technology. British physician Nathaniel Henshaw was reportedly the first person to use compressed air in a chamber called a domicilium to achieve an HBO2 environment. While we associate this form of therapy as a modern advancement, his pioneer work dates back to 1662. Around this time, Robert Boyle, an Irish chemist, physicist, and inventor, stated that the pressure and volume of a gas have an inverse relationship when temperature is held constant. Boyle’s law formed the basis for many aspects of HBO2 therapy, including the slight increase in the ambient temperature within the chamber during treatment sessions.

These early chambers used compressed air, not oxygen, based on concerns about oxygen toxicity and high risk of explosion. It was not until 1917 that German inventors Bernhard and Heinrich Dräger applied pressurized oxygen as a therapy to successfully manage decompression illness from diving accidents. Subsequently, the chamber was in use for only a short period and dismantled in 1937 for scrap metal.That same year, Albert Behnke and Louis Shaw built on the Drägers’ work for decompression illness and used oxygen in place of compressed air. Their work led to use of the first nitrogen-oxygen mixtures and hyperbaric treatment being tailored to the severity of the injury.

Why Oxyhelp Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber is the best for you

  • HBOT Maintain your beauty

The advancement of dermatological procedures to maintain beauty in aged faces is growing as a result of the pervasive desire in today’s culture to keep a young appearance. Quite a few of these minimally invasive procedures have been effectively developed such as chemical peels, intradermal fillers, and botulinum toxins.

 It has been established that receiving regular treatments of HBOT is thought to increase skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production, leading to reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and improvement in skin texture.

Many dermatology clinics and even spas have utilized machines that deliver concentrated oxygen to the patient or client to treat age-related skin problems. Oxygen is used in skin care because it is thought that delivery of natural oxygen increases cell metabolism. Oxygen therapy has been used as a process of skin rejuvenation and reduction of loss of elasticity and skin wrinkling.

  • Air-pressurized chamber

One of the outstanding benefits of the Oxyhelp hyperbaric chamber over others is the fact that the chamber is pressurized with air, not with oxygen because oxygen in high purity increases the high possibility of explosion. You can breathe pure oxygen only through the mask that provides oxygen up to 95% purity using the oxygen concentrators that are connected to the device.

  • Ultimately, soft chambers may provide benefits in very specific circumstances, but hard chambers are the only vessel for HBOT that can support all types of comfort and satisfaction by oxygenating the blood and stimulating stem cells. Hard chamber HBOT poses few minimal risks and can make a significant difference in improving an individual’s quality of life.
  • The Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are premium products, probably the safest one on the market and the chambers that will  help you achieve the best result
  • Inside the chamber you can breathe up to 95% pure oxygen. The risks are too much and the rewards are not so big compared.
  • The chambers can be used at a maximum 2 ATM, this is 2 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

How The Oxyhelp Hyperbaric chamber works with today’s latest technology

OxyHelp Chambers are certified non-medical devices where the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is conducted. Perfectly isolated through its hard shell, the quiet chamber is sealed and the pressure inside starts to increase according to the protocol inserted by the user. Its interior is made of antibacterial, leather-like material and the comfort is ensured by the resin fibre loops of the mattress and pillows, which also ensures an even ventilation throughout the entire process.

The innovation relies on the microprocessor which automatically coordinates the pressure fluctuation and keeps it at the level the user selected. Compared to a manual system, this automatic one manages to keep a permanent control over the parameters of the process, avoiding the risks of overpressure. Additionally, the high-pressure gas inside the chambers is air and through the medical-grade tubing and a mask, the user can receive highly purified oxygen – up to 95% purity.

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