Photeeq: Free Online Photography Tutorials in 2023

by Victor
Photeeq Free Online Photography Tutorials in 2023

Photeeq is now offering free tutorials for photographers and videographers to enhance their photography skills.

If you are a photographer then you know that life is full of colors and something is needed to capture these colors in a professional way.

In a real life, when you visit stunning places or get some unforgettable events, you desire to keep these events memorable so you take up the camera and shoot the event.

In this guide, I will explore the best online photography tutorials that are totally free to learn about taking images and making videos. So let’s start the article:

What is Photeeq?

Photeeq is an online platform that offers free photography and videography tutorials. It has a lot of reviews and written tutorials about photography that helped over one thousand photographers.

Many experts contributed to these tutorials and expressed their skills to provide fundamentals of photo and videography. It shows that what type of camera and lens are perfect to take desired shots.

As many experts in this field say that the key to success is practice and perfecting your craft.

If you are a fresh photo-videographer then this platform is the best source on the internet to teach you about photography and videography.

How to find content on the site?

Photeeq has shared the most relevant content on its site that is easy to find and can help you to improve your skills.

How to find content on photeeq
How to find content on this site

Once you open the site, there is a navigation bar on the header that clearly shows the segments like tutorials, reviews, news, laboratory, and contact.

Simply click on any relevant link to read the material that you need. Or you can also type any keyword in the search bar and it will filter the relevant content for you.

However, each tutorial is briefly described and images are placed within each tutorial to express things practically. You can easily become a dream photographer by completing these tutorials.

Photography tutorials

Most of the photographers love to capture photos but beginners just like me, don’t know the exact angle to shoot a quality photo.

Photeeq offers photography tutorials for both beginners and experts. The topics covered in the tutorials include lightroom preset, photo editing, portrait photography, landscape photography, and more.

Photography tutorials
Photography tutorials

What’s great about this platform is, it continuously adds new content to its platform. So there is always something new to learn.

In photography lectures, also covers the topics like choosing the right camera, understanding exposure, and mastering the rule of thirds.

Each lecture is composed by an expert instructor who takes you through the important steps needed to be a professional and teaches you some new techniques.

Videography tutorials

If you want to learn how to make videos through a DSLR camera then Photeeq is the best source to learn videography at an advanced level.

Become a professional videographer
Videography tutorials

Videography tutorials cover everything from video shooting to editing. No matter what your experience level is, these tutorials will help you to improve your talents.

It starts with the “basics of videography” tutorial that covers the topics like choosing the right equipment and setting up your shots.

By following these tutorials, you can become a successful videographer to capture live event films.

Benefits of Photeeq

It is a very difficult task to find the most accurate and authentic source of material about photography and videography. But it covers all the topics in one place, which is totally free of cost.

  • It allows access to comprehensive tutorials and guides from the most experienced professionals.
  • Provides support and inclusive help to beginners from expert photographers and videographers.
  • Encourage the beginners to share the photos and videos with the larger photography community like shutterlock, istockphotos, and any more.
  • Photeeq provides all the tutorials and guides free of cost so there are no monthly or yearly charges.
  • The experts continuously share their experiences on the site which will help to expand your knowledge.
  • These lectures and tutorials are organized by the most experienced professionals that have 10-20 years of experience in the relevant field.


Photeeq is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn photography and videography from beginner to advanced level.

With appropriate access to free tutorials, learning new techniques and improving your photography have never been easier. You can learn more at its about us page.

So try the collection of online tutorials and start exploring all the possibilities that come with mastering photography and videography.


What kind of tutorials does photeeq offer?

At photeeq, you can find a wide range of tutorials on all aspects of photography and videography. Beginners and professionals can learn the basics such as the exposure triangle and camera settings, or expand their knowledge with more advanced topics such as composition and lighting design.

How much does photeeq cost?

Photeeq is completely free! You can access all of the photography and videography tutorials, reviews, and other resources without any cost.

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