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Planning Adequate Toilet Facilities for Events: A Comprehensive Guide

by Marketgit Team

Ensuring guests at your event have access to clean, convenient, and adequate restroom facilities is key to its success – large or small. Here is a detailed guide that helps event planners determine how many toilets are necessary and why renting portable toilets might be an optimal solution. For a highly recommended toilet hire service, visit Portable toilets limited.

Understanding the Basics

A number of factors impact the requirements for toilets at an event, including number and gender balance of attendees. Each element plays an integral part of event management – and each determines how many toilets will be required at any one event.

Number of Guests

As your event attendance increases, so will its need for toilet facilities; to reduce wait times and ensure a better guest experience.

Duration of Event

Events lasting several hours will require attendees to visit the restroom more frequently, driving up demand for facilities. 

Type of Event

At events that serve alcohol, toilet facilities are used more frequently due to frequent restroom trips brought about by alcohol consumption.

Gender Balance

Women may require additional time in restroom facilities than men do, leading to longer queues at events with more female attendees than usual and necessitating additional toilets at these events to meet this demand.

Professional Guidelines

Professional Sanitation Association International (PSAI) provides helpful guidelines that should help event hosts meet these standards for events lasting four hours or less that serve alcohol; at these events, the minimum number of toilets for 100 attendees should increase by 15-20% due to increased usage.

Advantages of Portable Toilet Rental

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the main advantages of portable toilet rentals for event organisers is their versatility: event organisers can place these units anywhere around their venue to maximise space utilisation while still making sure all guests can easily access toilets without disrupting its flow.

Multiple Options

Portable toilet rental companies generally provide an array of portable toilet options from basic models to luxury trailers with all of the amenities event planners require for their event, such as flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors and air conditioning that event planners demand for comfort and style – this allows event organisers to select facilities which best match the occasion they are planning.


Renting portable toilets can often be more cost-effective than adapting existing facilities, which may not meet the needs of an event with multiple users or be too far from its location. Portable units can be economically rented in large numbers and placed according to demand.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Reputable rental companies provide comprehensive services that include regular cleaning and maintenance of units, replenishment of essential consumables such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, quick responses to any operational issues and prompt resolution; all designed to ensure a higher standard of hygiene throughout an event’s duration.

Assess Your Needs

Basic Calculation Methods

To determine how many toilets your event requires, start by estimating its attendance and duration. As a general guideline for events under four hours long, one toilet per 100 attendees is an adequate estimate; once four hours have passed, add an additional toilet per 100 attendees every hour thereafter.

Example Calculation

An 8 hour event with 500 attendees typically requires five toilets as a baseline requirement:

  • 5 toilets as a base for the first 500 people
  • An additional 4 toilets per hour for the next 4 hours (16 toilets)
  • Totalling 21 toilets

If alcohol is served, add an additional 20%:

  • 20% of 21 is approximately 4 extra toilets
  • Bringing the total to 25 toilets

Logistics and Placement

Strategic Placement

Toilets should be placed in high traffic areas that are easily accessible while not disrupting event activities. Paths leading to them should also be well lit if an event extends into evening or night hours.

Think About Accessibility

It is crucial that accessible units be provided for guests with disabilities. They should be easily located and clearly marked for maximum effectiveness.


Proper planning of toilet facilities at any event is of utmost importance in creating an exceptional guest experience. By understanding which factors impact toilet use and using portable toilet rental, event planners can ensure adequate, clean, hygienic restroom facilities are made available – this will reduce discomfort among attendees so they can focus on having fun at their event!

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